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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 1 decade ago

Is there a law to help a child who WANTS to go to school, when parents are on drugs and dont want kids to go?

Okay, so my little sister is living my my mom and her dad (my step dad) she is 16, our parents abuse drugs one of them is a functioning addict, the other is non functioning, can not hold a job.

My mom is the functioning, what I mean by that is she drives taxi's all day, and comes home and gets high with the Badder of the drugs. No one sees her do it but we've seen the parafanalia and tools she uses. She is really bad at night.

The dad is non functioning meaning he can not keep a job and is always drunk or high also.

What the problem is:

My sister is missing alot of school because my step dad gets so drunk that by 3 in the morning he is walking into her room to pick fights with her or to "talk to her" it is an on going thing he repeatedly mentions how he never has hit any of his kids and how he loves her, to usually end in a physical altercation shortly after him saying that she doesnt respet him. Which she doesnt because of what he is doing! There is my little brother who doesnt seem to get any affect from it, they are good to him he never gets hit or yelled at. he stays on his computer after school etc.

my sister WANTS to go to school, doesnt use drugs alcohol and is a good student. She also recently got a job, but since she was using the money to pay her phone bill, her dad wanted the money she was making and she argued it. So he went to her job and told her manager that she was a drug attict and that she shouldnt be working there.

ALSO, my sister has been talking with her counselors at school, because they want to know why her grades are going down and is due to the recent excess in problems at home. Ever since my uncle Offered to take her in ( to another state) my mom and her hus have been hard on her. They said no to him, we think that the welfare money she is the cause why she doesnt want to lose her kids. Because that money pays her rent food and her drugs probably. I know this sounds like alot of assuming but it is not. There is alot of things going on that i know are allegal and I need to know what I can do, my mom wont sigh over legal rights to my uncle to better her daughters life, what are her rights ??


sorry for the mis-spelling. I was typing so fat, I forgot to mention my mother during the day, went to her school to tell them that her troubled child was missing so much school because she is out doing drugs and trying to get pregnant when really she is home and being abused. She is a manipulative woman I believe and puts on this front for all to see, we just really need help is there a law that every child has the right to go to school?

Update 2:

She lives in New york, Long island.

her uncle who will take her lives in Florida.

Update 3:

I am 23, I have a little baby myself and a boyfriend I dont think I have room for her to be comfortable here, and I live in brooklyn Ny. its not great here.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the law is that all children should be in school. if they are truant too much, the school may call child services. you should go ahead and call child services first. i know many ppl think this makes the situation worse, but it really is the best thing for your sis. child services is required to look into placement with relatives before they do anything else. your sis may be put in a foster home for a little while if you are unable to take her. if your uncle applies with them to be her guardian, they will do an out of state home study where they have someone from child services from his state make sure it is a healthy place to live, and then she can live with him. you and your sister have to be honest with child services about what is really going on though. hopefully she will be willing to go with you to talk to them. the system has a lot of faults, but it also works well a lot of the time too.

    Source(s): i work at a children's home with kids in state custody
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If your sister is 16 she is not a legal adult yet. Your parents have complete control over her. When she turns 17 now that's different in most states. In IL if this was going on when she was 17 she could take her parents to court and get emancipated! Look that word up for your own sake. As of right now I would talk to an adult that you trust who can help you with this situation! Sometimes if your parents get in trouble if they prove themselves to be good parents again they can get their kids back. It's so sweet that your worried about your sister. I have a little sister too kinda in the same situation! Tell your sister to keep her grades up in school, because that you cannot change. How old are you? Would the parents let her live with you?

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  • 4 years ago

    Legally, your boyfriend isn't required to enable her see the baby in any respect. the present custody subject is that your boyfriend has finished custody; I take it from you asserting she signed the rights away that this has been finished superb and legally. If it develop into merely a handshake contract, that's no longer binding, and she or he could have specific rights through fact the mum. the way it extremely works is there is custody and visitation. at the instant, I assume your bf has custody and the ex has no visitation ordered. If she needs some, the court docket could ought to order it. In Texas as someplace else, merely in extreme circumstances could a baby in a divorce get placed with one determine without visitation allowed via the different... yet that ought to be the case right here, the mum effectively deserted the baby and develop into on drugs.

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  • Earl J
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    1 decade ago

    Call the police and child protective services. Now, while they are under the influence. They may go to jail and your sister may be put in a foster home. If your uncle steps forward, the courts may award him custody.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Child services needs to be involved here.

    They are unfit parents and any children living in that household should be removed asap. She should tell her counselors that she wants to report them.

    Please don't feel guilty about this or mind what your so called parents think. THEY brought this on. They're choosing drugs over the well-being of their children. Your brother may look ok, but this is affecting him and he will lash out soon enough.

    They need to clear their heads so that they can see what they're missing!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Report them to Childrens Protective Services (or similar for the area). They will investigate and if necessary remove her from the home and get her to a safer environment. This is a dangerous situation for her and you must help her.

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  • Choqs
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Call in the authorities. This is child abuse and endangerment. Call CPS and have them investigated.

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  • It honestly depends where you live. Im so sorry I couldn't help that much, but maybe if you put it down others can answer.

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