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"KASHMIR is disputed territory, " says Hurriyat leader Geelani . What do you say?

Geelani says Kashmir is disputed territory.

Arundhati Roy says India should give freedom to Kashmir.

Govt. of India had promised plebiscite in Kashmir at one time.

Govt. of India has been holding talks after talks with these same groups who have stubbornly retained their stand that Kashmir is not an integral part of India.

In view of the above facts can someone tell me:

1) What is India's progress in solving the Kashmir issue in last 60 years?

2) What is India's stand as of now on the promise of plebiscite made by the govt. headed by Pandit Nehru?


I am having a gut feeling that we are as far from solving the Kashmir issue as we were say in the 50s. That is why I asked this question.

2ndly, thousands of Indian soldiers have given their lives and are still being martyred on Kashmir. What about them? What about their mothers?

Update 2:



Update 3:

I thank everyone for answering. Special thanks to those who have understood my concern .

I stayed away from argumets & counter-arguments because then the question might be reported for chat format.

However, my point was that lots of rounds of dialogues have been held and we are still as far from any solution as we were during the first dialogue.

I cant take the loss of our men casually. Lets all hope that Kashmir becomes just another Indian state like Karnataka , UP or Rajasthan.

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    Geelani,arundathi roy,mirwaiz umar,sheikh afzal should join hands and jump in a ditch.btw why should we care people like them.....arundathi roy is self proclaimed intellect ....she criticizes india possessing nuclear weapons,she criticizes industralization,she linked mumbai attackts with kashmir problem,what not !! always gives imporatnce to those funny statements....i don't think she has any idea about ideologies of LeT ,al Qaeda ,their islamic world theory. And these so called kashmiri leaders speak about independence of kashmir ... they hardly care about welfare of kashmiris ,they incite violence and separatism because they receive Gulab jamuns every month from Lahore and Dubai .

    And 'plebiscites '......another one thousand countries will join the UNO if plebiscites are conducted in all countries.....on kashmir issue china is showing a lot of concern,they invited mirwaiz umar for talks ...... are they ready to conduct plebiscites in their country? ! can pakistani govt.dare to conduct a plebicite in their country? ......

    Few people did mistakes in the past and the problem of kashmir is still haunting . Instead of pushing back the occupying forces first prime minister went to UNO.simple problem which could have been solved easily now became knotty with new parties joining it (like china!)and nuclear weapons on both sides.....In 1971 poor foreign policy, preparations stopped India from occupying PoK completely and retaining it.....what did India get after releasing 90000 genocide criminals and prisoners of war (land gained by India in PoK, Pakistani Punjab and Sindh was later ceded in the Simla Agreement of 1972, as a gesture of goodwill)...waht did we gain from showing goodwill...did they reciprocate ??? .Is there any incident like this which took place in the contemporary world where the defeated country getting back everything and rising back again like phoenix and inflicting damages on the country which was kind to it inthe past ??

    recent statement by - -

    What is India's progress in solving the Kashmir issue in last 60 years? -- we have to accept....we did not gain anything......we lost parts of kashmir to pak and china and there is lot of progress in development of terror infrastructure in the Pok .

    What is India's stand as of now on the promise of plebiscite made by the govt. headed by Pandit Nehru? --i think govt. prefers to stay away from making comments on the stupi d decisions taken by first PM .In no way they can call it as wise decision .

    Edit :: @MS ,

    real head of the government was/is responsible for everything in parliamentary democracies . anyway....i am adding the word "government "

    - the decision taken by the government headed by our first PM nehru ........ was not a wise one ! :) hahaha will it bring any change in the history .

    Edit : @Maitree :: today we cannot expect a peaceful solution and complete kashmir together......bitter truth . In 1947-48,1971 we had chance ...we missed great opportunity .Now ,government of india is in favour of a compromise , give and take policy with both pakistan and china . What i think is .....we should use the same weapon against pakistan.....we should support insurgencies in pakistan...Mossad style operations to kill people like dawood ibrahim are must....nuclear weapons should be confiscated from pak. we should go for surgical strikes in Pok.....if not possible then we should persuade USA to do it .It is not possible for the current pakistani establishment to dismantle terror infrastructure in Pok .....

    In arthashastra , chanakya recommended 7 strategies to deal with quarrelsome we have to apply all the strategies..except 'upeksha' . otherwise bloodshed will never end.

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    Geelani is a mad islamic fundamentalist who thinks that he can be another Jinnah of sorts. India can not and will not part with an inch of Kashmir which from the time of sage Kashyap is a Hindu land with Shankaracharya's Shiva Temple right on top of Srinagar. Much water has flown the Jeenab since the controversial UN resolution of 1948 which wanted the Pak tribals and the army to withdraw from the occupied kashmir before any plebiscite can be formed. Now the entire demography and culture of the land has changed and hence the only thing that can happen is Kashmir is restored back to India from both Pakistan and China.India is now more than determined to get the act together and force the eventual merger with India even if it means having to fight both Pakistan and China both militarily and politically.In the meantime Geelani can go to hell or decide to live peacefully till death.

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    I say:

    Geelani is a disputed person. Both Pakistan and China have claims on him, we don't know for what purpose. Kashmir is an integral part of India, irrespective of what terrorists feel.

    Don't take Arundhati Roy seriously. Her writings are good and she is good looking. Period ends.

    We will not go for the plebiscite because the state was acceeded to India by the Maharaja of Kashmir. Pakistani terrorists can stand with their legs up in protest, if they want, but we don't care.

    That is just an eye wash to fool them. In spite of all the talks, Kashmir is still with India and will remain so.

    1. The Indian Army has almost wiped out Pakistani and Kashmiri terrorists from Jammu and Kashmir. No one can deny the fact. That is infact a progress.

    2. Nothing. No plebiscite. Do what you can, we will see how to crush it.

    The Aftermath Inc. - An Indian Citizen


    @maitree: So what's your arguement? Our law enforcement and Army will be deployed in any part of India as long as there is a need. As long as there is insurgency and terrorist activities in Kashmir, the Army will be deployed.

    Loss of lives happen in any armed conflict. The soldiers know that before joining the Army and they are paid for the risk they take. Service in the Army is not compulsory in India but purely voluntary.

    What alternative do you suggest for the so-called 'paying the price'? Is there an effective alternative or is this just a rant?

  • Jassie
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    Lets not listen to Geelani Sheelani right now. As of now Kashmir is an integral part of India. I am sure the people of Kashmir also will accept it because they do not want to be ruled over by Taliban,who will destroy Pak in a matter of few more months....

    As for your questions.. 1) Progress - nil. Territorial disputes are like this. Since land is a big asset, no Country is ready to compromise. All over the world there are long standing territorial disputes... Bilateral talks will never ever succeed. And war is not a good alternate. So the issues are just stretched without any progress.

    2) I think until Pak stops sponsoring terrorism on its land and infiltrating India with its terrorists, a plebiscite or anything like should be out of the question..

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  • 3 years ago

    Pakistani politics. Is the only cause of violent of Kashmir , Pakistan politicians invoke innocent man of Kashmir like Burhan Wani to pick up the Gun against its own government , there were. 13 FIR registered against him , now when Police ask him to surrender he never did , unfortunately he was killed by cross encounter . In the name of Islam Pakistan want to separate the land. From India because when Pakistan attacked India they could not suceede to capture it , because it is an Indian land but still it captured half of the Kashmir known as Pakistan occupied Kashmir where Pakistani atrocities is also present . Since India never force back to capture its land therefore. It is fully controlled by Pakistan , now Pakistan planning to take remaining Kashmir or separate it since they could not capture it by meaning of proxy war like training young men to pick up the guns , in the name of Islam , I could not understand why people of Kashmir do not understand it .

  • Anonymous
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    Losing lives in the military operations is normal thing. Because of that we should not give up the Kashmir. More over Kashmir is not a disputed territory it is assumed to be a disputed territory by Pakistan.

  • Anonymous
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    How can people who are claiming kashmir as integral part of India, are supporting Article 370 of the Constitution of India on J&K.Removing special status will be a serious and important step towards solving kashmir problem and great tribute to those who gave life guarding kashmir.

    We cannot wait until J&K become Islamic state,already most of the Hindus have fled the valley,and 60% of Indias head is been occupied by Pak and China.If it the issue is not solved quickly India becomes headless.

    Encouraging separatist groups is not going yield any solution as they are backed by Pakistan.India has to take full control over kashmir and start thinking of getting back the lands that are occupied by Pakistan and China.

  • Lets not be a jingoistic over the preposition ,India Kashmir policy is in right direction, Moderate hurriyat stay in the kashmir is demand of the time.

    When there would be any solution of Kashmir comes on the ground then these hurriyat would be one part of it,even hurriyat leader acknowledge this.

    But geelani is a hardliner and take pride in calling himself a pakistani,i,m sure his condition would be the same ,after Kashmir solution, as simranjit singh man ( a hardliner akali) and his fellow khalistanis without any relevance in punjab.

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    Ofcourse Kashmir is disputed. Also lets not say that it is because 60% of people in kashmir are muslims. Nepal was asked in 1947 to join union of india the king of nepal refused and took help of china thus nepal is independent country. King and people of nepal are hindus but they dint want to be part of union of india. Kerala before 1948 was a sepeate country called Kingdom of Travancore , the hindu king said that he will not join union of india but remain independent country same with kindom of mysore, kingdom of hyderabad etc ..these were forcefully merged with Union of India. British created British India by merging different countries Sikh empire, Maratha Empire, Mughal empire etc and modern day india by merging countries like kashmir, nizam hyderabad, sikkim, travancore etc. Kashimiris are just saying there were different country even there king had decided not to join Union of India or pakistan but they are forced to sign an agrrement when pakistan attacked. So it is disputed. India was always like europe one land but different countries and is still visible when u visit different sate's.

  • Sudan
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    They all are just blackmailer ,how we deal with these blackmailers ?They are not representing whole Kashmir ,I could not understand why we are so noble with these anti national activist ?Congress could not and will never resolve this problem.We must have a strong leader who have the courage to control these terrorist gang,in present scenario we does not have any leader in this regime who can take this issue as per our wishes.

    We have to do wait till next regime,who will take charge of center.

    British have given us Pakistan and as like british Nehru have given us Kashmir problem.See what cunning Congressi says when we named 'Nehru' for Kashmir problem !When they talk about Gujarat riots they change their voice and interpretation,they make culprit Mr.Modi where it is well known fact that Kashmir issue was taken to UNO by Mr.Nehru and it was the decision of Nehru.

  • Anonymous
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    Kashmir of course a integral part of India. But how long we have to beat the drums of our claim . One day we have to find permanent solution. How long we keep sacrificing our well paid army personnel for a territory which has no economic value.

    One thing is very sure that the insurgency and terrorsim will not die down as long as there is concrete solution is found out. I do not know why the talks being held every now and than. Talks for what. Is it for pleasing them saying " Please do not demand for freedom Kashmir is our integral part of India"or something else "promising them not to unleash terror we will consider your demand in near future".

    Quote me an example where talks with separatist is successful.

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