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What do Japanese have that we (generally speaking) don't have?

My father and I were talking about business and he told me that when he was working as a supervisor in a garments factory he noticed that Japanese workers didn't really take a break unless it was a lunch break while the Filipinos take breaks very frequently like going to the bathroom or pantry or canteen whatever it is. True or not? What's your personal opinion about this? And also how come the Japanese economy went up up up after the WW 2? Do you wonder why we can't do this also to our country? What do you think is the main reason why we can't achieve what the Japan has achieved?

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    True. Japanese are very punctual when it comes to time during work. they even skip meals if the going gets tough and sometimes stay at the office til monring (I experienced this because I can't go home while they are still sitting in front of monitor). When I first worked here in Japan, everything is tough. I'm starving to death and yet nobody stand to even suggest taking a lunch or some snacks (this is 2pm, usually we have lunch at 12, and sometimes I have skip lunch because my team mates didn't take lunch break).

    About going to bathroom, well not all Japanese are like that. Some japanese have natural vanity, and I sometimes see them in group (I call them Male hygene group, since the same faces, the same activity, like if one is brushing teeth,all do at the same time, washing face, some astringents, etc lalake to ah. ). But sometimes if the division manager is kind, he/she will ask someone to distribute some biscuit/crackers.

    The economy of Japan went up after WW2 because they lose and thus, the victim. Supports came all over Japan, but Japan didn't just sit and wait for those supports. They also did good developments, by analyzing the needs of Japan. And since they all worked hard to establish the Japan we knew now (who can even change the future of money exchange.... ) , Japan turned into a rich country. Actually, Philippines too is a rich country before. The PHP - USD exchange rate when I first became aware of other countries currency was 26php = 1 USD.I don't know who to blame since I'm not in govt, but certainly Filipinos are the one who made our country as what it is now.

    Actually, we can do this to out country. But that has to start on us, then those who sits on the government. The reason why we (today) can't achieve what Japan has, is that.... we lack nationalistic concern. We are like foreigners in our own lands. If the economy is bad, people don't care... they would just accept it as if it was an act of nature.

    I keep on telling these to my friends, sabi japan, yung basura segregated, yung mga workers, me insurance pag walang work, me support while a govt agency strives hard to help them find job, provide career advancements, sa japan, it is a place like , if you do your best and worked hard for your dream, you can make your dream into reality.

    sagot nila sakin habang tumatawa, eh sa Japan, para namang mga robot yun eh, parang weird,

    alang masyado emotion, ba't mo ba i-cocompare tayo dun sa mga hapon na yun...

    Mr/Ms Asker, I think this is the reason(s) why, japan and Philippines are different. i don't know if we can return to the old wealthy Philippines I once knew, but because I'm filipino, someday I want to be proud to tell that I am one. nakakainggit nga, mga japanese nakakapag travel sila anywhere in the world, walang visa-visa. as in, ginagawang luneta or sm megamall yung places like New York , Rome, Madrid, Paris.... while tayo, saan tayo pwede pumunta ng walang visa, HK, Singapore, and usually when we go there, para lang mag work. (dito nga sa japan, mag wowork ka na, pahirapan pa visa).

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    Let's roll the clock back about 55 years into the past... The Philippines and Japan were both ripped to shreds by the end of WWII. Both got off to a very fast start on the road to recovery. By the 60s, both countries were doing very well.

    The Philippines was the #1 economy in Southeast Asia, and in all of Asia, second only to Japan.

    At some point, we lost our way. We can blame Ferdinand Marcos, corruption, inept leadership, apathetic citizens, a Welfare mindset, etc. However, the heart of the matter is that We, as a people, simply gave up. The Japanese did not.

    I will say that Filipinos outside of the Philippines are some of the most hardworking, ethical and competent employees I've ever seen. At the company that employs me, our Director of Software Development is a British born Filipino who runs the Makati office in the Phil-Am Tower, as well as the European branches in Ireland and the UK.

    Inside the Philippines, our people appear to have lost hope of anything ever improving or changing for the better. Our best and brightest, the graduates of U.P., Ateneo and Siliman, end up leaving the country to find better opportunities abroad. What's left over, is simply what's left over. In the 60s, we were the world's largest exporter of sugar cane and coconuts. Now, our largest export is human labor.

    Why can't we achieve what Japan has done? There are many answers already here that highlight some of the reasons. We have a crumbling infrastructure, rampant corruption, poverty, a huge disparity between the 'Haves' and 'Have Nots', few opportunities for advancement and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

    More-so, we cannot solve any of those problems easily. You can't just feed the people and solve poverty; they'll have no incentive to do anything other than just wait for a hand-out. You can't solve everything by educating the people, either. Education doesn't immediately quiet a hungry baby who's crying for food, and most likely, an advanced degree holder will look to emigrate to another country, adding to the ongoing "brain-drain". You can't just wipe out corruption with new laws; the people passing the laws are the biggest abusers and thieves (not to mention an uninformed populace continues to vote for these robber-barons). You can't make Filipinos care about lofty ideals such as Unity and National Pride if they are struggling just to put food on the table every day. You can see, it's a tough situation we're in that has no simple solution.

    Japan has its own set of problems, but nothing approaching the scale of what exists in the Philippines. Their infrastructure is one of the most advanced and modern in existence. They have a cultural discipline and strong sense of community that is unheard of in the Philippines. We know what we need to do to become like our more affluent Asian neighbors. It's "how" to achieve those ends that has been the subject of debate for decades now.

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  • Japan has had an honest and democratic government the past 64 years.

    Japanese society is all about working together for the greater cause. Self sacrifice and very hard work are the norm for most Japanese workplaces but with that comes fair compensation. The Japaneses public school system is one of the best in the world.

    Philippines government is known as one of the most undemocratic and corrupt in Asia. Generally speaking Filipinos in Philippines do not work well as a group. Most workplaces in Philippines have very low compensation and unsafe working conditions. Philippines public schools are some of the worst in the world.

    Outside of Philippines, Filipinos are respected as hard working people.

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    I think it's to do with the mentality of the people over there.

    As a nation, it's seen as a normal thing to work really hard. Almost everyone grows up in a society where it's an in-built thing to respect others, work hard and achieve all that you can. There's someone I know that went over there and met a lady that hadn't taken a holiday in 40 years. It sounds OTT to us, but it's just her mentality.

    They also (generally) seem to have a very clear view of their place and role within society, there's a lot less of the angst and existentialism that you see in Western countries, where the emphasis is on individuality and originality.

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    false.i expirienced working in a japanese company,filipinos/japanese are the same,they also take breaks even it's not already time,talking while working etc.,and they are really tsismoso and us,filipino!heh,he!,and about economy,all i can say is that japanese peoples live everyday with the word,DISCIPLINE!_i admired the way japan is a very clean place,they have the day schedule when to dispose the garbage and they separate it by label,as u see the japanese flag,it symbolizes one blood united,they just simply love their own..we will achive anything when we have discipline and unity!

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    1. True

    2. a 10-15 min break can destroy your momemtum. Unless you have a medical condition frequent Bathroom breaks should be taken on break time, canteen breaks on break time.

    3. look at a dozen or so items in your house How many made in a foriegn country? Auto parts, electronics even a toaster has inner parts that are made in another country.

    4. Our country is full of greedy greedy greedy people who will stomp on anyone that gets in the way of wealth. Most of our jobs have been sent overseas/ cheap labor/

    5. We can only achieve what the GOVT allows us to achieve.

    stop buying imports buy local keep your hard earned money in our country

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    Japanese are brain wash early in childhood. The children get punished when they do something wrong. They are taught what is right from wrong and it carries over throughout their life. It is common to see a japanese child get slapped upside the head at a store for getting out of line. It is not like the USA where you go to jail for slapping your child.They do not take advantage of anything. They are hard workers and most work long hours and don't get paid for it. I wish the USA would follow their standards. To answer your question, they have everything under control.

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    They value time and punctuality and most Filipinos don't that's why we have the so-called Filipino time.

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    No corruption

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