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csu chico語言學校問題

我想至CSU CHICO去讀語言學校,問題如下






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    Chico CSU is a "NOT BAD" school among all CSU campus. You do make a good decision if you can go there study English.

    Chico is in the middle of No where of California, so there are not many Chinese or Taiwanese people. It does have a better environment to learning English.

    It is a nice and clean city. Since it is located in the inland of Northern CA, the expense of living is usually a little bit higher ( what I mean is shopping from super Market) compared to SF bay area.

    Usually, it will be much easier if you apply for the master program directly from where you attend ESL school.

    Anyway the school is close to bay area ( about 3 hour Amtrek train to Oakland).

    Wish you succeed

    Source(s): I was there for a business trip
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