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Why are Native Americans the last group that America cares about. African Americans get the spotlight.?

Its like America told them to go to hell and gave African Americans that spot.

Its like as if there were no Native Americans here.And that African Americans are the only group that gets the right to be protected and boosted up.

I honestly believe that Native Americans deserve better and that America is still racist towards them

How often do you see a Native American on television. Never.Like they never existed.

You always see African Americans on television. Its like as if you have to have one there. And it is also acceptable to say things against Native Americans on television. But if you say anything against African Americans. There would be a huge media storm about it. And Americans would say that was wrong. Again the media also gives African Americans a nice Beautiful White Woman. You see it more and more on television. I don't know why that is.Why don't Native Americans ever get anything from White people?

If you were Native American. Would you like White people and would you feel ashamed that every single advantage is being given to a minority that is not Native to this place. First and they get the scraps.

I think this is wrong.

I feel that Natives deserved better and that they have been slapped in the face by whites and sometimes by blacks as well (Buffalo Soldiers is one example)


Just because I have a different perspective doesn't mean that I'm a racist.

I have friends of all races and I just wonder how we got to here.

I honestly believe that we are doing well

I am okay with our President being African American. Its just that I don't see anything being done for Native Americans. I see a lot done for Africans. And It makes total sense to me to ask. Why not. Why not help the first people of America to become strong again. Since we have done so much to hurt them.

I don't think its because they were not aggressive enough. I think that they were the most aggressive but that wasn't enough because they were taken by surprise. They did not have the technological know how. They were then reduced to a number that whites could control and have never been able to recover

Update 2:

Had they known of our existence. They would have had better technology to match what was against them. But they would have been able to fight the diseases. Because they would have been immune to them. They were not inferior. They just didn't know the competition was there. White people came saw an opportunity to exploit. And did it. There were cases were the pilgrims gave them clothes and blankets that had diseases that they knew would kill them off. They used African Americans to kill their Buffalo's so that they would have no food. Making them easier to kill. There is a history full of unfair treatment of Native Americans. And I have seen disrespect towards them. Even today.

So lets stop pretending that they had a fair shake. When they didn't.

Update 3:

Okay Everybody

Just because I don't have a link to a website that says these things happened or not. Doesn't mean its not true

You say my people.

You don't know my people

Does any of you know what I look like?

I'm Mestizo

I'm white and Native American

And I am concerned because I in my culture. My people get along fine

I wish that the same were true in America

I saw a documentary about English Pilgrims giving Natives blankets with small pox. Knowing that it would kill them off faster.

I don't remember the name

I honestly don't

And for the Buffalo Soldiers

I don't really believe that African Americans wanted to do harm.

They just did. Because they had to do what they had to do.

That doesn't make it okay. That does not make it right. But that is what happened.

And if you are a Native American and you want to insult me. Well. Your losing out on a good friend.

Web links and websites are great.

But just because its not on the web. Does not make it untrue.

Update 4:

You guys all must think I'm mad at white people and mad at African American people

I understand what African Americans have been through

I already knew all that

And I think that slavery was evil

I am saying that since we have all done something to hurt them because we did. Why don't we help them out. Even Mexicans fought Native Americans. I'm not mad at you. I am just trying to make a point here. And the reason I point out Whites and Black is because when you think of an American you think a white or black person. Like on tv for example. You never see Native Americans involved. They are forgotten. And I would like to see us all unite and make good on something bad. That's all. I'm sorry if I offend anyone out there

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    Jack P is a prime example of how Non-Natives fake persecution.

    "Woe is me, I'm so downtrodden" "Everyone gets everything FREE. "I'm the one who pays for it"

    Ask them to provide PROOF of there hate propaganda. THEY CAN'T, it's all in their feeble minds.


    Jack P says . . . .

    • - Native Americans who have tribal census numbers get to live on land where no property taxes are paid.

    The US holds Native American lands in “TRUST” making it “Federal Lands”. Property tax is not paid on any Federal lands (eg. parks, military bases, Indian reservations). The government does not tax its own federal holdings.

    Indian & Federal Lands


    • - (Native Americans) are given cradle-to-grave hospital and health care and dental care through the US Public Health Service . . . . (Native Americans) don't pay school taxes to educate their own children. don't have to pay for upkeep of roads and infrastructure on the rez.

    Native Americans pay for their own services, with their own money the government “Holds in TRUST”.

    “Indian money” shall be held in the Treasury of the United States for the sole use of the tribe or tribes Indians; . . . . shall be at all times subject to appropriation by Congress for the education and civilization of such tribe or tribes of Indians or the members thereof.


    Over 100 years of congressional legislation demonstrates that a clear, consistent and aggressive pattern exists whereby tribal assets and the wealth derived from such assets have been basically used to bankroll outside political and economic interests.

    Indian assets


    • - (Native Americans) get low interest loans for housing

    Any low-income US citizen can qualify for low interest loans for housing. Even White people.

    Housing and Rehabilitation Through Low Interest Loans


    • - (Native Americans) get scholarships and grants for higher education by virtue of being Native Americans

    Everyone must qualify and compete for scholarships and grants, athletes, women, Blacks, White males, and Native Americans. Many scholarships are created and maintained by groups to assists students, who are of special interest to that group. (religious groups, companies, professional fields and so on) It is no different with Native Americans be it Tribal or Organizational. Native Americans have created their own scholarships. NONE of those groups simply hand out money for the sake of handing out money.

    • - (Native Americans get) countless other benefits and privileges I haven't named based strictly on being a Native American. So far as I'm aware no other group of US citizens enjoys these privileges.

    Please DO give us some PROOF.


    If Native Americans are so privileged, Why do they live in poverty while the United States is still stealing from them.


    The Interior Department's Bureau of Indian Affairs is responsible for managing financial agreements with tribes and tribal members on reservations. The Bureau of Indian Affairs collects more than $300 million annually from agricultural and oil leases, mining and water rights, rights-of-way and timber sales on Indian lands held in trust.

    The "Individual Indian Monies (IIM) program" holds this money “IN TRUST” on behalf "INDIVIDUAL" Native Americans. An audit of the "Individual Indians Monies" program revealed “BILLIONS” of dollars are missing or otherwise unaccounted for.

    2008 - Judge seeks end to 12-year suit over Indian money


    2009 - Govt Says It Owes Nothing in Indian Trust Suit



    In addition to IIM are some 3000 "Tribal Trust Accounts", which includes per capita annual payments, compensation for rights-of-way and court settlements, which total $3 billion. As with IIM, however, waste, fraud and abuse are rampant.

    2008 - Nez Perce v. Kempthorne (2nd huge suit filed over use of Indian money)

    NARF represents forty-two plaintiffs - in an action in the federal district court for the District of Columbia seeking full and complete accountings of their trust funds, which never have been provided by the federal government which is the trustee for the funds.



    Native Americans don't get any money from the government and they pay taxes like every one else.

    The Myth of the Monthly Check




    General Tax Status of Indians.

    There is no provision in the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 which exempts an individual from the payment of Federal income tax solely on the ground that he is an Indian.


    Are federally recognized Indian tribal governments subject to employment taxes?

    Yes. In general, Indian tribes in their role as employers are subject to federal employment tax laws and procedures.



    - I agree, it's time to normalize relations with the tribes, deed the lands to them, make them equal to the rest of the US citizenry in all ways with the same opportunities and benefits we all enjoy.

    When is equality between races going to kick in? That’s a good question.

    When are the Non-natives going to get the sane treatment as Native Americans?

    When will your money, property, resources be stolen, your lands eroded and contaminated for the benefit of Native Americans?

    Native Americans should have an equal opportunity to “Play the Race Card” to wallow in self-pity like you people.

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    I think that America has given other races all the things that belonged to them and the made it a parade for non native Americans to show thier pride all over the land that was never shared with the owners.

    If it was over wars. Then why don't we relocate Europeans from thier home and us move in. Canada is really close. Why not invade them again? Relocate them and us move in?

    It's out of hand if you ask me?

    It has gone to the point that African Americans now believe that they pre date Native Americans in America. I have seen suppressed evidence that shows human beings in Mexico, Greece that show human beings were there before the African Homonids walked the Earth.

    It's out of hand.

    They've completely removed Native Americans from the Picture and may as well Finnish them off because it's horrible to see Blacks and Whites waking all over these people without letting them even speak for themselves.

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    I can agree with some of your statements.

    I wonder about the same thing it is like America is still trying to make up for what they've done to us. I also wonder about native Americans and their current whereabouts because it's not like I see a native American every day so yes I agree because I think that we should see more native Americans on tv Because in my words we black folk aren't necessarily invaders we were forced to be here unlike white people because they had a choice and they decided to steal land from native Americans but I also know that British settlers used native Americans and had tricked them into selling their land/homes but the French settlers were kind to the native Americans and peacefully lived alongside them. Poor native Americans they taught white people how to fish, farm , cook , and hunt but all they got in return was betrayal. Remember we cant blame whites now because it's not their fault about what happened probably hundreds or thousands of years ago.

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    I understand where you're coming from but you have it a bit skewed. African Americans are a minority just like native americans. and the same way native americans have suffered and continue to suffer to have blacks.

    there was a time in america when blacks couldn't even eat vanilla ice-cream no less appear on TV. There was a time it was perfectly acceptable to lynch blacks in public, its only now people are aware that racism is wrong.

    The only reason why african americans can enjoy some of the privileges they have today, is because of the civil rights movement. All african americans stood upscreamm shouted protested formedgroupss and they were gunned down shot down beat down and ignored. It took years for blacks to enjoy what they do today.

    Theproblemm is that native americans have been unable to have such a mass movement, calling the attention of their country and their world. People like you and me should stand up and protest for the rights of these native peoples who were killed persecuted andstereotypedd in movies and literature. Blacks especially should help them. Native americans aren'tt the onlyindigenouss people to suffer. Unfortunately it seems that the trend everywhere is that the indigenous people suffer

    Just check the mayans and aborigine's. Mayans have suffered 500 years of marginalization-they can;t even speak their own language.

    if u want to help your people you need to lose this attitude. With these things you should never isolate people ask for the help of others don't label them as if they don't deserve what they have. It's not a mtter of playing the race card. iI'm A BLACK and a history student, I hate the persecution of people because my people have been persecuted and ours goes beyond race as well. The caribs in dominica have rights, although they were there first. I don't understand why persecuted people always try to fight with each other than meet and work for their benefit. YOU have a right just like afircan americans, no one's saying no. Use that rage and anger to accomplish sumthing...if you want to start awareness I'm willing to help, no matter how small it is.

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    American Indians by a long shot, if you take the longer view. Everything that happened to African slaves had already happened to Indians, and in fact the African slave trade began because the Indian slaves available to the Spanish (and Portugese down south) had been worked to death, and they needed a new labor pool. Later, the native tribes were not subjected to slavery so much; they were simply exterminated. Neither, however, is exactly a shining example of human rights. Keep in mind, too, that much of our current sociologic difficulty with race is due not to the period of legal slavery but to the "dark period" after Reconstruction ended, in which many of the new rights of the newly-freed slaves were allowed to be taken back.

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    I am European and think I must answer this question as an outsider. I believe that your people are still the underdog because you have not reacted strong enough to the discrimination against you.

    Black people have had a hard struggle and good leaders who have died for the cause,there are also much more of them. As far as I know there has not been a very strong movement for your rights,I remember Marlon Brando tried to help you but not much came from it.

    You are a Minority and should have equal rights with everybody else,but as minorities goes we know that it always takes speaking out loud to get what you deserve.

    Maybe if your people were more active in fighting for equality something would change.

    I hope you get the place that you rightly deserve soon.

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    Because the blacks are mentally more like the whites than we are? They're more willing to sell out, they're always trying to look white they spend millions on beauty products trying to look white, they favor lighter skin within their own race, and refer to their own natural hair as nappy. Oh yeah we also don't burn down our own neighborhood every time somebody shoots one of our own. We go to the source we don't **** where we eat

  • for starters, jack p doesn't know jack sh**.

    we pay taxes..all federal and if we live off reserve all state and local as well.

    IHS healthcare is worse than your local vet. they kill more natives each year than they help because they are inept. they are the drs YOU wouldn't go to but the government says they are good enough for us. i carry private health insurance that i pay for myself and so do many other native people.

    we have our own schools on reserves that we pay for. if our children go off reserve to school, the tribe pays for it. if we live of reserve and our kids go to a public school, our taxes pay for it just like everyone else's does.

    i also paid for my own college. why? because the money for college comes from the tribe and not all tribes have the money to give full scholarships (they must be earned). i had the ability to pay for my own and did, so that someone else who was not as fortunate from my tribe could go to college. the government does not give us free college.

    the money doled out each year to tribal nations is already OUR MONEY. the government insists on holding our money in trust for us but when it is time to give it to us we get pennies on the dollar. how would you appreciate your direct deposit check going to your bank to be kept by them. you have to beg for it and give them good reasons why you need it and then they give you only a fraction of what you asked for. don't believe me?: see Cobell vs Sqalazar so you will see the BILLIONS of dollars the government "lost" that actually belongs to native people.

    if we were to be on a level playing field as you like to say your government would be forced to honor the agreements it made by treaty. if you want to break the treaty and end them, fine. but you don't get to keep the lands those treaties gave you either.

    and while we are on the topic of treaties, you don't make treaties with a conquered people. if you had conquered us you wouldn't need treaties. the fact that treaties were made shows that you tried but failed to conquer. you can stop telling that lie too.

    so when you are ready to do away with your legal obligations, let us know. we could use the elbow room around here.

    now to the asker...you see WHY more attention isn't paid to a month devoted to learning about native history and culture. people like some here would have to face truth and they can't do that in their warm fuzzy world where they are superior in all the universe.

    ETA @ jack p: everything you said is accurate? then post your sources. you can't because you have none. you have only posted racist lies that people like you repeat so often you start to believe it.

    on the other hand Nish Kwe HAS posted sources proving you are a liar. anyone with intelligence can see the difference. but nice try anyway.

    Source(s): mohawk
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    You need to read up on your history. This is a wacky diatribe. 'Its like America told them [Native Americans] to go to hell' -- are you aware scores of Indian Nations/Native Peoples were completely wiped out? by disease and violence. To characterize their treatment across several centuries as being 'told to go to hell' is insulting to their memory.

    The rest of your statements just get more and more bizarre. You clearly are some type of racist, and grossly ill-informed.

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    America is ashamed of this genocide which equalled anything the Nazis did

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    Native Americans who have tribal census numbers

    get to live on land where no property taxes are paid

    are given cradle-to-grave hospital and health care and dental care through the US Public Health Service

    get low interest loans for housing

    get scholarships and grants for higher education by virtue of being Native Americans

    don't pay school taxes to educate their own children

    don't have to pay for upkeep of roads and infrastructure on the rez

    countless other benefits and privileges I haven't named based strictly on being a Native American

    So far as I'm aware no other group of US citizens enjoys these privileges.

    I agree, it's time to normalize relations with the tribes, deed the lands to them, make them equal to the rest of the US citizenry in all ways with the same opportunities and benefits we all enjoy.

    As for the posters below: This isn't a debate forum. Everything I've said here is true and accurate. No need to prove it to anyone. They, themselves know the truth, though it's evidently an anathema to them. Too bad it can't be changed to be more as they've described.

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