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F-1 apply Green Card Problem denied my Reinstatement?

1. F-1 student visa.

2. Out-of-Status for More than 5 months

3. Re-Instate

4. Reinstatement Application is Denied.

5. Went back to my country

6. within 5 months got new I-20

7. reapply VISA, got visa.

8. now about to marriage USC. Will I have any problem applying GC. What should I put on the GC application about my old situation.


so, i wasn't deported, right. So, what it should call, then. So, I can put exactly.

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    If you overcame your previous inadmissibility, which you state that you did, then you should have no big issues with the GC stemming from your out of status.

    As far as the application goes, be 100% honest about w/e they ask. Anything less than 100% honest will get your application thrown in the trash.

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    you're inquiring for a prediction. that's possible that your F-a million visa ought to be revoked. with a view to qualify for an F-a million visa, an applicant ought to teach "contemporary motive to leave the united states at end of examine." in case you attempt to develop into an eternal resident, that ought to intend you have no longer any purpose to leave the U.S. on the top of examine. In 22 CFR 40-one.122(a) it says: Grounds for revocation via consular officers. A consular officer is permitted to revoke a nonimmigrant visa issued to an alien if: (a million) The officer reveals that the alien develop into no longer, or has ceased to be, entitled to the nonimmigrant type under INA one 0 one(a)(15) exact interior the visa or that the alien develop into on the time the visa develop into issued, or has when you consider that develop into, ineligible under INA 212(a) to get carry of a visa, or develop into issued a visa in contravention of INA 222(g). As as depend of discretion, an officer ought to revoke the F-a million visa if he felt which you ceased to be entitled to that type. in the adventure that your adjustment develop into denied and you have been given voluntary departure, then the main suitable order granting voluntary departure with an option order of deportation could justify cancellation of the visa. So, sure, that's possible, besides the incontrovertible fact that it can be a judgment made on the time of the denial based upon the data on the time. ignore approximately ibu guru.

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