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Where can I find a cheap NFL jersey?

I'm 15 so I would need like a small or x small in women.

Any one know where I can get a cheap one?

I want a Donald Driver one.


I don't live in Wisconsin.

I live in Texas and all the local stores have the Cowboys jerseys

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    If u go to either Walmart or Big K-Mart, I think they have few cheap ones cuz I bought my Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez at Walmart and it cause me $25 bucks each. Also those cheaper ones r not stitched and does not have the NFL logo on the collar.

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    Ebay usually will have the cheapest authentic jersey for your Donald Driver Jersey. A local Walmart may carry a non-authentic jersey that looks very similar for significantly cheaper (maybe 50% of more cheaper) but the colors will fade more quickly than an authentic. You can also check Sports Authority or Modells when they have storewide or jersey sales (or if you have a coupon from a magazine or newspaper)

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    NFL And they have great sales going on right now, some jerseys are marked down up to 30$, thats a good deal. Donald Driver jersey 79.99$ Driver jersey 54.99$ marked down 30%

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    Swap meet but if you want the real deal I suggest going all the way and be proud that you have a real jersey. If you do try to get a real one get one where the players numbers and last name are stitched on.

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    Local Mall or Sports Store.

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    Here u can get really cheap jerseys

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    try craigslist or ebay

    Da stitched jerseys r real

  • 1 decade ago lots of cheap stuff

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    ebay is your best bet or overstock . com or amazon

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