Pros and Cons of using a sod box to house train a small dog? Expensive?

Recently adopted a 5 year old poodle-maltese mix (10lbs) from the shelter, and we live in a 2nd floor condo. I've been home and taking her out several times a day to eliminate as needed, praising her for urinating outside. But there will be times when my husband and I will need to leave her home all day, and I want her to have an option to "go."

We'd feel bad crating her for too long, and wonder if anyone knows about using sod (on the balcony) to house train a pooch. Could I put litter under the sod to soak up urine and prevent a smell? How long would a square of sod last? Estimated cost?

Any info would be great!

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  • JOAN W
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    1 decade ago
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    Sod usually isn't pricey however it can be hard to find during the winter months when sod can't grow. In my area it sells for $1 - $3 per piece depending on the variety & the store. Only fescue could be found unless rye is available(which usually isn't as sod). I don't think placing litter under it would really soak up urine but couldn't hurt. It is hard to say how long as it depends on several things. How much urine, the weather, the light(very important), etc. & you would have to keep it watered. Many dogs crated during the day can hold it & are used to staying in the crate 8,9,10 hr. They generally only sleep & lie about when you aren't there anyway.

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    This is an excellent option for little dogs. First, make sure she can't fall off of your balcony if you put it out there. Second, instead of buying one of the sod kits for dogs, try this instead... buy a tray used for under rabbit cages (Tractor Supply sells them). Get some dirt and sod and set it out. Should last a good long while with just one dog and it will be a whole lot less expensive than the ones they sell for dogs.

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    4 years ago

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