Messianic Jew... Am I living a lie? Help.?

Hello. So I am having a dilemma. Since I was small, I was raised by my mother in the ways of Messianic Judaism. Since I was young, I always considered myself a Jew, since it was what I was always told and what I believed, but now that I am older and have researched what Judaism and Messianic Judaism is, I am a bit conflicted. I don't want to live a lie, so I am thinking of converting fully to Christianity. I would not convert to Judaism since I do believe in Yeshua or Jesus. I know many people criticize "Messianic Judaism" for its belief, but I don't just wanna change because of people think. The problem is that my mother is completely disappointed in me now... Especially since she is such a believer in Messianic Judaism. Should I just convert to Christianity despite my mother's wishes or do I continue to follow Messianic Judaism? Its not like they are much different and the reality is that they both follow the word of Yeshua (Guess I should start referring him as Jesus) and God. Help me brothers and sisters....

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    Excellent Idea to convert. A number of messanics are doing it as they find out that at the top their organization was all about using "Jew" as a way to harm Jews. Not very Christian-like eh?

    For you mom - try to present to her the info you have until she starts to understand. What would be ideal is if enough of the foot soldiers in the Messanic movements protested the naming & pushed back at this. Beyond the name, there are ways in which the religion works, & that piece (the name) is what makes it disingenous. I've seen people use "Messanic believer" or "non-Pauline Christian." I'm sure there are other good ones. Actually if they'd just clarify with every statement that they aren't part of Judaism - that'd work (the opposite of what they do).

    I'm sorry to hear you've been put into such a situation. It must be tough.

    Maybe something on these sites will help: (how different Judaism is) (good free audio tapes - he says he was surprised to have so many Christians approach him & like his tapes.) (not very PC written but lots of scripture)


    To other Jews

    Why are you attacking this person's believe in Jesus? While Messanics are harming Judaism & lying to do it --- as Jews we shouldn't have a problem with someone having their own beliefs & usually on this site those comments are made ONLY to Christians trying to harrassing Jews for not believing in Jesus. He's not telling us to change... Different problem, different answers.


    A few people's primary answer was that Jesus would never been the messiah. That's not relevant to this question & attacks this person's belief that he is. Plus comments about wrongess of worshipping a human. Judaism knows he isn't messiah & worshipping human doesn't work, but he's welcome to believe it, if calling himself a Christian while doing so. To attack that belief isn't polite when it's not attacking us. The answers did NOT state that it was a way to answer to messanic offensiveness but directed it at THIS asker. It was 2-3 answers like that. (Edit: I only see one of them now, interesting.)

    This asker isn't claiming the Jesus is the Jewish messiah - the the contrary he said exactly the opposite - that if he believes in JC, he isn't Jewish. So yay for someone getting it. We should be supporting that, not throwing it in his face some more as though he wasn't saying it & was being rude to us with his new understanding. He wasn't. If we can't be nice to someone when they get it & stop ranting it at them - when will we stop ranting? It was only a few answers like that - but enough for me to be bothered.

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    answer: You misunderstand Judaism. that is not needed to Judaism to "deny" Jesus because of fact the messiah. that is in trouble-free terms that Jews then and now comprehend he failed because of fact the Jewish messiah and each little thing approximately him proved that he substitute into no longer the Jewish messiah. the belief of a messiah is effective to Judaism - Jesus isn't because of fact he wasn't the messiah. Simon failed as a messiah, his followers have been in trouble-free terms incorrect. He wasn't claiming to be divine nor did people worship him - meaning they remained Jews. Worshipping all and sundry different than G-d removes a Jew from the family contributors and covenant with G-d. If somebody worships Jesus, they regulate into Christians and not something. Why Jesus wasn't the messiah: appearing miracles - strike divine delivery/divinity - strike breaking the sabbath and different commandments - strike no longer pleasing any of the prophecies - strike being a sacrifice - strike taking over the sins of others - strike starting to be from the ineffective - strike being worshiped - strike and out The Jewish Messiah - would be human, no longer divine won't carry out miracles will fulfill the prophecies won't take on the sins of others, basically isn't a sacrifice, won't upward push from the ineffective basically isn't worshiped.

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    No dont break torah

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    To tell you the truth as a Messianic believer I had rather see you convert to Judaism than Christianity. I have never understood how people could be that close to the truth and then go backwards. Christianity is based on paganism and not the Bible.

    The sad thing is people are taking you seriously when in reality you are a troll.

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    You are a decent person - and a *potential* Righteous Gentile.

    You have realised that the Messianic movement was founded by Christians, and that it has no link to Judaism. And you are, AS a decent person, uneasy with claiming to be a 'messianic jew' when you know, you are NOT a Jew, and you don't agree WITH Judaism.

    You have a few options here:

    1 - just call yourself a Messianic. Or a Messianic believer in Jesus.

    2 - embrace your worship of Jesus, and call yourself a Christian: you worship Jesus AS Christ, after all. You don't NEED to 'convert', you ALREADY believe and worship as a CHRISTIAN.

    3 - be a Christian but STILL enjoy GENUINE JEWISH customs and rituals, by joining us in a GENUINE JEWISH SYNAGOGUE.

    If it would help, refer your mother to info about the Messianic movement. I'm sure she would hate to MISrepresent Judaism, as she is doing now without realising. Maybe you can BOTH worship together in Church - and also come and join us in a genuine Synagogue!

    But PLEASE, do STOP claiming to be a 'messianic jew'.

    Be honest - as G-d commands US ALL.

  • That's a difficult position, of course.

    It might help to think of it in terms of the kids you might have some day. If you continue as you are, then some day they'll come to this same realization and be in a similar quandary. In short, it's hard but someone has to break the cycle.

    And if you don't, you'll always have this conflict within yourself. Things like that tend to come out in other ways, like arguments on other topics which are impossible to resolve because the core problem is something else....

    "Messianics" like to pretend that they're doing no harm by promoting this confusion. Here's one example of the harm that it can cause.

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    your mother's religious practices aren't the problem, calling herself a jew is. you don't have to convert, just be honest about the fact that you're not a jew.

    jews usually don't care how you choose to follow your religion as long as you don't try to use it as a weapon against judaism, which the term 'messianic jew' is. by claiming to be jews, messies are attempting to redefine judaism without the consent of practicing jews. many of them even go as far as to say that real jews are misguided and that messies are the 'true' jews. obviously, this is extremely offensive.

    part of the core beliefs of judaism is that anyone can be righteous, so they're not concerned with your specific religious beliefs and practices, only about the level of respect you show for others. you seem to be travel ling in the right direction.

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    Let me answer you in this Way

    There is No Jew or Greek Among you.. either slave or free... either male or female.. we are all One in

    Jesus Christ.

    Pray to God and find your path in God God Will Draw you Near.

    Do not let any convert you.. Find God with the Word of God..


    Greek Orthodox Katholikos ( Gr First Universal ) Apostolic Christian of the First Greek Septuagint and First Greek New Testament.

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    the choice is yours if your 18 or older otherwise you have to wait until your 18 to choose.

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    Fireball is right. Nothing to convert to - you're just leaving the Messianic style of your Christianity for another Christianity. No conversion there, as you know, since you are already a Christian.

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    Messianic is xianity. it calls Scripture and the Creator a liar. Whatever you call the nt central character doesn't matter because he was not the messiah. The Messiah will do these things the first time he is revealed :

    United Judah and Israel

    Bring all Jews from all over the world to live in Israel

    Built the 3rd Temple

    Bring world peace

    Every person on earth will worship the Creator Who is reigning in Jerusalem

    All the dead will be raised to live

    Your dude didn't do what Messiah is suppose to do. That means he was NOT the Messiah. There is no Scripture that says your dude gets a do-over after chillin' for a few thousand years either.

    Stop calling the Creator a liar as there is none beside Him and He is the only Savior and He is ONE. 1 is 1 not 2, not 3, but 1. The Creator is Infinity if there is another, there is a beginning to one and and end to the other. Which then destroys the meaning of Infinity.

    Hosea 13:4 Yet I am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no savior beside me.

    Source(s): Judaism
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