How to get rid of diaper rash?

ok my daughter poops a lot and it has been runny. her butt is red. she never used to get diaper rash until a couple months ago. desitin doesnt help anymore. i used butt paste and it worked till one day it like burned her butt. a and d doesnt work. I HEARD U CAN CRUSH TUMS AND MIX IT WITH VASELINE...does this work? any other tips are welcome


did vaseline too

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    she may have a yeast or fungus infection since the desitin doesn't help.You can try amens medicated powders.

    They are the best.If they don't work then she will need a doc to check for fungus or yeast.This happened to my daughter and the amens cleared her up very quickly

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    i have never heard about the tums baby used to get diaper rashes ALL the since i have started using a lot of baby powder on her bottom every diaper change, she hasn't had one in months!.......use Johnsons baby powder pure cornstarch. it is the best!!!

    To get rid of current rash, the best thing for it is air!!!! what i used to do what got a blanket that i didn't worry if it would get dirty and put it on the floor then put a changing mat down on the blanket. Put the baby on the changing mat without a diaper and let the baby play with toys for a little while w/o a diaper to let it air out. after doing this 2x a day until gone along with using the baby powder at every change, she will have that thing gone in no time!! trust me!

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    My daughter went through this--so frustrating. Wipes have alcohol--that's why the washcloth is better, though we finally gave in and used the SAM's brand of wipes because they don't have alcohol. We also mixed Maalox with either vaseline or desitin and put it on. The Maalox killed the acid and the vaselibne protected the skin. Good Luck!

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    When diaper rash ointment does not work, most likely your daughter is experiencing a common form of yeast infection...My son gets it occassionally.

    The best thing you can do to treat a diaper rash not disappearing is buy lotrimen (yes the foot oinment) at your local drug store. Put it on her rash and it should disappear in a few days.

    Don't use wipes while she has the rash they burn, use rags with water.

    This lotrimen technique was recommended by my son's doctor and can be medically backed up.

    Good lcuk.

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  • Lori J
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    As others wrote, it could be a yeast infection. Use warm water and a rag or cotton balls to clean. Air dry as long as possible. You can also use some apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water (a 1:1 ratio). It changes the pH of the skin allowing it to heal. Butt Paste never worked for us. We went with a light layer of zinc oxide with outbreaks.

  • Diet C
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    Give her booty some air time. After a diaper change let her run around naked for a bit, then put some cream on her for a moisture barrier (I use Grandma El's and plain lanolin, both are great) and a diaper.

    Aim for as much diaper-free time as possible.

    Does she sleep pretty still when she naps? If so you could just undo and open her diaper while she sleeps. If she doesn't, you can still lay down a waterproof mat on the surface she sleeps on and let her sleep naked for her naps.

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    my daughter gets this all the time. Here's what you do... don't use wipes, use a washcloth with warm water. Let her air dry for like 10 min. Put a thick amount of diaper cream aquaphor works really well. Let her air dry twice a day. It'll go away soon.

  • shir
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    If it is that difficult to clear up, she may have developed a yeast infection from all of the loose bowels and will need a prescription from the doctor. My kids have all been through that at some point in their babyhood when they've had real runny bowels a lot.

  • Jackie
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    That's a shame. My doc told me butt paste works the best, even better than perscriptions. It works immediately for me. I would just keep it clean, use a different rash creme, and change her diaper more often.

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    I used the plain liquid maalox and it works wonders. You could probably just dab it on with a cotton ball. Also Triple Paste works very good. It is a little expensive but worth it. Hope she is feeling better soon!

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