Why does the world hate Israel?

Jews have lived in Irsael before Rome, then under the Ummayad the Muslims took it, a few centuries later the British took it from them, giving it to the Jews, it was not land stolen from the Muslims, it was TAKEN from the Jews, TAKEN from the Muslims, Then GIVEN to the Jews.

Now Israel has given land for peace to organizations that want Israel wiped off the map, no civilization since Carthage in the Roman age has faced complete destruction. Then of course during the six day war Israel took land from its INVADERS and even offered most of it back, Jordan REFUSED to take the west bank. Now people forget that a few years ago Israel gave the Palestinnians Gaza for peace and we saw how good that worked.

Lets Fast Foward to 2008-2009

Hamas fired missles into Israel killing a significant number of people in Sderot, what would you think the US would do if Cuba started firing missles at flordia, or if North Korea fired some at Hawaii, we would be in there in a second taking all their cities in a few days blow up half of their cities killing thousands of troops. Of course when Israel had one to many missles fired at them and fired back at the launch site which happened to be a mosque or a UN school they were blamed and no one thought to question why the mosque inproportionately exploded from stored explosives or why a missle was fired from a school, further more when Israel finally invaded, instead of taking Israel's advice and evacuating civilians form the area of conflict they created a messy street fighting with suicide bombers (Islam is a peaceful religion the people who convolute it like this to kill 100's of innocent peole for a political cause cannot call themsleves true Muslims). Then of course the UN ignores the fact they they are doing nothing to persecute the Sudanese government for darfur and doing virtually nothing to stop it but decide to do a political move and go in on Israel. They ignore the big sudanese government which no one has any reason to hate but decides to show the world how they aren't powerless and bully the little country who everyone hates because of the media once they are backed by Europe.


Please read the whole thing, if you want to disagree with me, please give me more than a sentence answer saying "Its Israels fault this is baised in support of Israel" (this is in support of israel but give me a reason why my reasons are faulted and the world does hate Israel)

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    You are confusing Jews with Israel. Most Jews do not live in Israel and have no ambition to move there ever. Most Jews are not Zionist. Even many of those who were fooled with Israeli propaganda and who moved there decided later to move out. More than 10% of those who hold Israeli citizenship have moved out of Israel ... permanently.

    The Zionists who founded Israel were all foreigners from Europe. Not only that, nearly all Zionist founders were atheist Jews. In other words their objective was nationalistic, not religious. Yes, a Jewish MINORITY has lived nearly continuously in Palestine for the last few thousand years. But guess what, the Arabs have also lived there for a few thousand years longer, and they were nearly always the majority. Even during the time when the Jews were a majority about 3 thousand years ago, it was because the Arabs then converted to Judaism. When the Romans took over, most of the native people (Arabs and remaining Israelites) converted to Christianity. Most of those converted to Islam in the 7th Century.

    So yes most hate Israel for stealing Palestinian land and for its continuous aggression and its racist and apartheid practices. That does not mean people hate Jews who are often victimized through confusing them with Israel. Jews are actually also victims of Zionism and there is significant evidence that links Zionists to the Nazis:




    It is no surprise that Zionist practices closely resemble that of the Nazis:


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    Well in all fairness the Jews lost the land to the muslims in a war originally. Then the muslims lost to the romans, then took it back, then lost the the brits etc etc. Then after and during WWII the Palestinians welcomed the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust out of pity. Lets not forget that after WWII Jewish terrorism in England convinced the British Government to give Palestine to the Jews and take it from the already settled Palestinians. By no means did the Jewish people get that land "righteously" they just got it out of pity and acts of terror. And when the Jews say that god "gave" them that land, I personally think that is bs. First prove the existance of god before you even dare go onto preach and enforce "his will". And then go furthur to say who's god? every religion has a god sure. But not every religions god granted you that land.

    Sure Hamas and whatnot fire a few missiles into Israel from gaza, but, Israel basically uses Gaza and West Bank as their little "test sites" where they can do whatever they want to the people and have no backlash from the western world. Remember Israels "breaking bone" poilcy? yea thats a pretty good example. How many days did they bomb the Gaza strip before people started to ask them to stop. How many hundreds of children did they kill or wound?

    Think about that if you want an answer.

    oh and Im not a Jew hater or a Muslim hater. Im not Jewish or Muslim either. Im not atheist or anti-western Im just trying to give an argument to your question.

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    In 2001, then-labor and social affairs minister Shlomo Benizri said: "I just don't understand why a restaurant needs a slant-eye to serve me my meal",[14] a comment which was called “racist” in the Israeli press. According to a 2013 Pew Research Centre Poll, 38% of Israelis view China as having a positive influence.[56] In relation to the previous poll, 33% of Chinese have a negative view of Israel while 32% of Chinese view Israel positively.[57] A 2014 BBC poll showed that 49% of Chinese people have a negative view of Israel while only 13% of Chinese have a positive view of Israel. Within the same poll, 27% of Israelis have a positive view of China while 34% of Israelis have a negative view of it.[58]

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    Jews first came to the Levant when it was ruled by Egypt, so Egyptians and Canaanites must have a prior claim.

    They stayed when it was ruled Rome.

    Many of them stayed after the Islamic conquest and converted to Islam (we now call them Palestinians). Many so-called diaspora Jews are descendants of converts to Judaism and have no historical connection to the Levant. Judaism was the first of the big 3 religions to force conversion by the sword (after the Bar Kokhba Revolt, for example).

    Muslims of Jewish ancestry stayed in the Levant under British Rule.

    Now a flood of mostly Ashkenazim Jews of doubtful ancestral claim are pushing out the people of Jewish ancestry that have actually been there since Roman times.


    Israel should drop the racism and become a Democratic state where people have equal political rights. That is the only fair solution. Basing an expansionist racial state on wildly inaccurate "historical" myths is not going to work in the modern world.

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    It might have something to do with the abhorrent treatment of Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights such as denying them aid or passage from their camps. OR maybe the targeting of mosques, schools, and even U.N. buildings (most of which did NOT have weapons) during the latest skirmish in Gaza where Israel avenged the death of four (4) soldiers with the blood of thousands of civilians. OR the blockading of Gaza to stop foreign aid from getting through to starved and besieged refugees. OR the use of white phosphorus tipped strategic missiles against unarmed civilians which is a war crime as defined by the U.N.

    Not everyone hates Israel, but this may account for why some do.

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    Israel clamps down on anything the mid east does. Its like you buy a big truck, and your neighbor walks in and takes it away cause it doesn't look good in your driveway.

    In all honesty, the Jews lost it, and to the winner goes the spoils. And Israel has a lot of very important religious location and relics that mean a lot to the Islamic religion.

    Really, would shouldn't have put our dick into that part of the world to begin with. All of this stems from the UK screwing the Middle east over after WWI.

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    Every single part of your proposition appears to have been gleaned from this website:


    Hasbara is not the best place to begin a defence of Israel.

    But, since you ask, Israel has been in a constant struggle, since 1947, to expand from the land allotted to it by the British Mandate, the League of Nations and the United Nations until it occupies the entire territory between the Riverr Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

    Despite dozens of attempts made and promoted with great effort and expense by the international community, it has continuously prevaricated and taken actions, in spite of international law and world opinion, to enable its expansionist ambitions ("facts on the ground" or illegal buildings), while attempting to mollify that community with expressions of desire for peace, amplified by its constant adoption of the status of victim.

    Its critics are all said to be either anti-semitic or holocaust deniers who seek nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

    Even people who genuinely believe, as I do, that it is right that Israel exists, and who criticise the excesses of some Palestinian extremists for their suicide bombs and rocket attacks, are so identified.

    Our criticisms come from the wish not to see Israel disappear, but for it to behave better, and, particularly, to stop its persecution of the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank and its discriminatory practices against Palestinian Arabs who live in Israel.

    The following are all extracts from the the Likud Charter:

    "The Jordan Valley and the territories that dominate it shall be under Israeli sovereignty. The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel."

    "Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem, including the plan to divide the city presented to the Knesset."

    "The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river."

    All of which statements of policy fly in the face of Netanyabadababoohu's (and Likud is his party and he helped to write its charter) stated intent to work toward a peaceful resolution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. He lies - constantly.

    Plans for Operation Cast Lead were completed several months before it happened. To suggest that it was a "response" is entirely disingenuous. Yes the rocket attacks were dreadful and should not have been happening at all, but the fact is that for months prior to "Cast Lead", they had reduced to a tiny number per month. It is also worth remembering that in all of the years that they had been happening, they killed a very small number of people (even though I accept that is too many). Most people with even partial sight in one eye can see that, far from being a "response to massive rocket attacks" the response was much more like "we had better attack now before the rockets stop altogether and we have no excuse". And 1400, including innocent women and children, were then slaughtered by the IDF. Infrastructures that had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism were destroyed. The blockade was reinstated. Humanitarian aid was (and is) denied entry to Gaza. Food, building materials, medical supplies (the list goes on and on) are still being denied entry.

    The Goldstone Report, which accuses both Hamas factions and the IDF of war crimes was rejected by the Israeli government before it was even completed.

    How far do you want me to go on?

    The world does not hate Israel.

    Israel needs to change its behaviour, that is all.

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    I really think it comes down to what you sow you reap. Where your born is what you see and hear. Until Everyone comes to some agreement and teach that in schools, nothing will ever change.

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    there is a difference between being anti semetic (anti - jew) and being anti Israeli foreign policy.

    I personally have a problem with their self fulfilling prophecy that is written into their little conflicts with Palestine. I have no problem with the Jews or their religion...My problem lies with the Zionists in charge, who hold no genetic relationship to Abraham, (danibel put it best, the Zionist are the 'fake jews'.)

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    Not sure how you came to that conclusion... American politicians apparently LOVE Israel so much they are willing to sacrifice U.S. national security to keep it alive.

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