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How did the fugitive slave act impact anti slavery sentiment in america?

Why did the kansas-nebraska escalate into violence?

i dont get these someone help please <3

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    Fugitive Slave Act 1850- before the passage of this more stringent fugitive slave act, the northers were fairly isolated from the horrors of American slavery. But this act made it so that northerners had to allow AND partake in the capture and return of runaway slaves from the south, bringing the issue to life for all northerners.

    Kansas-Nebraska 1854- stipulated that the settlers of a territory could decide whether or not the territory could enter the Union as a slave state or as a free state through popular sovereignty. This led to bloodshed especially in Kansas because there were two governments (one pro and one anti-slavery) fighting for legitimacy in the territory so that they could write the state constitution allowing or prohibiting slavery.

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    It angered the North and increased awareness of slavery because it essentially threatened them with punishments of various kinds if they did not help to return run away slaves.

    The Kansas-Nebraska Act escalated into violence because some political dimwit thought it'd be a good idea to allow a bunch of regular people with guns to decide the issue that they were unable to decide.

    It stated that whether Kansas and Nebraska were slave or free states would be chosen by a majority vote by the new settlers of those two states.

    Essentially, it became the settler's little private war with both sides fighting the other to establish a majority with which to be able to approve of or ban slavery with.

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