Whats ecstasy? (the drug)?

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what does it do to you? i know its a drug. i heard only girls use it? is this true? oh and im not planning on using it or anything, im just 12. i have been hearing it around school ...show more
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  • C answered 4 years ago
I've only known two people who've used it. A girl and a guy.
A guy friend of mine actually tried it for the first time today. He took it before class. He came to class and he was REALLY red all over. Like, his stomach, arms, everything. He was having hot flashes and then would get so cold his teeth chattered.The peek didn't last long though, only about an hour.
I've heard it's mainly a party drug, used to keep you up.
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  • inphluence answered 4 years ago
    Ecstasy is an illegal drug that made itself known in the rave scene and everyone uses it, not only girls.

    I hope that you will never use it. It may sound interesting and fun, but the long term effects are still not known. It is a very dangerous drug and I know this from experience. I know someone who tried it for their second time and it was a "bad pill." It resulted in death.

    If you want more info, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecstasy_%28... The information there is correct.


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  • angiec8420 answered 4 years ago
    Ecstasy is a drug that can be used as both a stimulent and hallucinogen. It is very addictive, and can even cause the user to become disoriented and suffer from blurred vision and difficulty focusing. It can even cause hyperthermia, which can cause organ failure, arrhythmia, and even death.

    You can look up more information on:
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  • Akara answered 4 years ago
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