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What are the top 10 places to go in Mumbai, India?

I have to do a project in school because we are learning about asia.My teacher asigned us each a country then we have to pretend like we are a travel agent trying to help our 2 clients on a tour of that country. So now i have to find ten interesting places to go in mumbai i already have bollywood as one so now actually i only need 9.

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    You haven't mentioned what you plan to do with the word Bollywood, so I've included it anyway - with one extra thing to do if you want to replace it.

    1. Gateway of India and Apollo Bunder

    2 Elephanta Caves (all-day thing)

    3 Marine Drive & Chowpatty (Try the amazing food at the stalls if you're adventurous enough - but don't have more than a few bites)

    4 Prince of Wales Museum

    5 Watch a Bollywood movie at one of the *old fashioned* (but respected) Talkies (Regal, Eros)

    6 A romantic walk along Azad Maidan in the evening (Azad=Freedom; Maidan=Park)

    7 Breakfast at any one traditional Iranian cafe - Sassanian's, Kyani's, (for supper/drinks: Leopold's)

    8 Shopping at Colaba Causeway and Chor Bazar

    9 Try cuisine from all four corners of India at different restaurants: I can recommend one: Northern/Mughlai/Punjabi at Koyla (Colaba), Delhi Darbar (Colaba) or Only Parathas (Bandra Link Road).

    10. Go to Film City and get a pic+autograph with a Bollywood celebrity.

    Extra thing to do: View Indian culture at its roots - visit places of worship. Try Bandra jama mosque, Siddhivinayak Temple, Byculla church and there are a couple of synagogues too. None of them mind having non-religious people around as long as you're respectful, but you can't visit Zoroastrian/Paarsee fire temples because they're forbidden to non-Parsees.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Born Bombayite (and I refuse to say Mumbaikar because Bombay is still Bombay, not Mumbai.)
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    1. Gateway of India

    2. Marine Drive

    3. Elephanta caves

    4. Kanheri caves

    5. Sion Fort

    6. Khandala ( little away from Mumbai )

    7. Chor Bazar

    8. Prince of Wales Museum

    9. Hanging Garden

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