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Bridle blinkers??????


my horse spooks at lorrys in the field and she is becomng quite dangerous

so I was thnkIng if I put blinkers on so she cant see the lorry would it work?

oh also u cant hear the lorrys in the riding field

where would I get some preffrably leather she's a sze full can u get ons that attach to the bridle?

Pleeeaaaasseee answer I really need help

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    What you are referring to are called "blinders" and they really aren't for the purpose of "hiding" scary things from horses so that they don't spook. The are used on driving horses to help keep their mind on their business, but they in no way will help you with your problem. If you have to, put a rope or chain over the nose or under the jaw of your horse and lead her up to what she is afraid of. Let her get to a point where you feel that she is going no further, then be prepared to stay at the point for as long as it takes for her to allow you to lead her further, and so on until she is at the point where she is desensitized to that particular thing...all the time, with your voice, calm her and reassure her so that when you are riding and she comes across something that she has never seen, you can talk her past or through it. There are no band aids for this issue, you need to do it right, then you can trust her.

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    The problem with blinkers is that some horses actually become more nervous because their vision is impaired. In addition to that, when wearing half or full cup blinkers, when the object that frightens them suddenly comes into their field of vision, it really startles them. I think that they really would only be safe when used riding on a track (race track, that is). Even there, as soon as the horse is through galloping they're removed. It wouldn't be safe at all to use them riding in a field. Blinders used on carriage horses is a different matter altogether.

    You'll need to make a point of riding her near where the lorrys are and let her get used to them, just sit tight and stay calm and she should become desensitized eventually. Have another, calm, horse with you, if possible, which usually will help.

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    I agree you need to desensitize her/him. Show her that they wont hurt her, and she is safe with you. Blinders might scare her more if she hears whats scaring her but cant see it from the crazy things blocking her eyesight. Look into natural horsemanship ways to show her she is fine. If your nervous about it, your horse can feel that so make sure your always calm, cool and collected. But expect the impossible, letting your gard down and you might very well get hurt.

    I would go out into the field with her on a halter and one she notices them have her do activities like turn her move her butt, make her back up so she is completely focused on you, be the leader.

    Source(s): Check out the book Soul of a Horse! :)
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    I think you mean blinders.

    And I would suggest you desensitize her to whatever it is that scares her about them- the movement, the sound, the trailer itself... etc. This way, you know she'll behave (and if she doesn't you can handle her because you've dealt with her afraid before) should you encounter something scary and you don't have blinders with you. If you think she'll hurt you or herself, you should send her to a trainer to have her worked with. You should also visit the trainer to learn the method they use to calm her when she spooks.

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    If you mean blinders, sure that's a great thing to do if she always spooks.

    To buy them, go to your local tack shop or tack website and type or ask for blinders. Also, ask about which ones attach to her bridle. Good Luck Shopping! :)

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