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Proper way to play pocket aces?

I was in a tournament with my friend. He had pocket aces and bet $1,000. It was at the start and we had about $5,000. Blinds were $400-200. Three people called. Flop did not seem to improve anyone's hand. He then bet $2,000, and one person called. He went all in and that person called because he had triple my friends chips. Well that guy got his straight on the river. He initially stayed in with a J-8. Should my friend have gone all in with his pocket aces?

I bet that guy would have folded a J-8, and everyone else would have too. Agree?

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  • Ronald
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    1 decade ago
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    Good Evening Dave,

    I would like to know how you call someone stupid for calling and winning the pot?? I do not understand. I have been playing no limit poker every two weeks or more for over forty (40) years. At age 19, I started playing in hard nosed Longshoremen poker games. I never slow play pocket Aces or Kings. I will slow play Queens or Jacks. Never, never Aces or Kings. I am out for blood. 50% of the time, players who slow play Aces will end up getting them popped. The other answers agree.

    Yes, I learned years ago. Take the money and ran. I would have been all in. Your friend would have won $600 in blinds. No one would have called. "A bird nest in your hand is better than a bird nest on the ground." He when home a loser.

    Example: I just got back from playing $1500 (cash, no tournament) buy in, Texas Hold-em at the Bellagio on friday in Las Vegas. I was about even after four hours of playing. I got pocket Kings. I bet all in. One person called me with Ace-King.

    In poker, you get very few chances to make money. You have to take advantage of your great hands. You cannot afford to make a mistake. What was your friend waiting for? Christmas.

    I got my wife's Christmas gift monday morning after returning from Vegas.

    Have a nice day, from Los Angeles.

  • 4 years ago

    Personally, it really depends on where in the tournament you are. I am assuming this was heads up, but were you two the last two players? If not, I would not have played your hand from the start. So, for this, I will assume you two were the last players. In that case, I probably would have raised him to at least 3,000. By just calling, you pretty much "tell" him you are chasing soemthing, which you are. After the flop, you have 20 outs. (The nine other club cards available, plus four aces and four nines; also, it can be safe to assume your opponent may have just made top pair and your king becomes an out as well, giving you three additional outs). Before the turn, each out is worth four percentage points towards your odds of winning. This gives you a 80% chance of winning. After the turn card, your odds are sliced in half if you don't get a club, ace or nine. That gives you a 40% chance of catching your winning hand. However, now that the board has paired you have to be extra careful that your opponent hasn't hit a full house or a set. The full boat takes away all of your outs and the set takes away three of your outs. Best case scenario is your odds are reduced to 32%, but worse case scenario is you are drawing dead and have a 0% chance. This seems to be where you made your error. When your opponent went all in at that time, you had less than half the chance you did the round before. Therefore, you should have folded. Or, had raised him before that, which I already suggested. As for whether or not you should go all in with only the nuts, it really depends. You should be the aggressor throughout, but there is never really a need to risk all your chips unless you know for sure you have the best hand at that given time, and even then, by looking at the board, you can hypothesize what their odds may be.

  • pdq
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    1 decade ago

    Blinds being at 200-400 I don't think an "all-in" bet would have been the right bet, even though it may have turned out better for him in this situation.

    After 3 people called, he probably should have gone "all-in" on the flop though, instead of just betting $2,000. That may have been his biggest mistake.

    Truly you never know, though. Any wacko might call with a straight draw just because they're tired of playing.

    One thing to know about pocket aces - they are great for either winning small pots or for losing big pots! And I'd rather win a small pot than lose a big one any day.


    By the way - bottom line is, pocket aces get cracked all the time. That's part of poker. Gotta learn to live with it.

  • 4 years ago

    proper play pocket aces

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the other guy has J8 he wants him to call. He has great equity against J8. More or less he played it ok. He got the guy all in with a straight draw. That's good. The other guy was stupid for calling 3 times.

  • 1 decade ago

    its poker happens every time especially tournaments but rarely in cash games since you are now talking money not chips

    wise poker player once said any one can win a tournament but few can make a living playing cash games

  • 1 decade ago

    pocket aces are overrated. they come once in a while but the flop turn and river can make you pocket aces seem really bad.

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