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what are some ideal characteristics to look for when purchasing a telescope?

my price range is a couple hundred

i would like to be able to see some nebulas, moons on other planets, other planets

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  • 1 decade ago

    A couple of hundred what? The currency makes a big difference and remember this is an international service. However even if it is a currency with some intrinsic value (pounds, euros, dollars) your options are going to be very limited on that budget for some of the things you want to look at.

    Planets are easy as are the Galilean moons of Jupiter. For other planets the only other planet where you are likely to see moons visually is Saturn and you should be able to make out perhaps four Saturnian moons with a scope on your budget.

    Nebulae are the big problem - put simply you need a big scope but on your budget you can't afford a big scope. Probably the best you can do is a 6" Newtonian which although not completely useless is a little on the small side for most nebulae.

  • 1 decade ago

    $200 will not be really enough, unfortunately, to see moons or nebulas.

    important things to look for:

    - it comes with a viewfinder;

    - it comes with a tripod;

    - it has extra lenses (called Barlow lenses - those will allow you to really see small stuff);

    - preferably refractor rather then reflector (the refractor one can be more compact for the same focal length).

    good luck

    Source(s): i own a Meade ETX-80
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