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8 - The Mormon Proposition movie? Should it be allowed?


this is a link to a movie being made. Just watch the trailer. Nowi dont know about you but this movie is directly attacking the mormon church CHURCH when the actual church had little to do with the proposition they are taking events and making it look like we are freaking terrorist. Please tell me this will not be allowed to be released.

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  • Kerry
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    Many opposed to Proposition 8 accused the LDS Church of spending "millions" where it could have gone to better resources, like the poor and needy.

    Well, I suggest what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Perhaps those opposed to Prop 8 could spend their money on other projects, like AIDS research, etc than on a movie of questionable value.

    But hey, excuse me for having an opinion different than the PC one.

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    I could tell you that the movie would not be allowed to be released, but I would be lying if I did. The fact is, this country (the United States of America) has protections for freedom of speech, especially if the speech is political in nature. Thus, this movie is protected by the Consttiution of the United States.

    Some people will point out that the LDS Church also has a constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech - but when considering political speech, churches have some limitations. If they wish to be heavily involved in politics, they risk losing their tax-exempt status, which is protected by law, not the constitution. And the laws say that a 501c.3 organization (such as a church) must not conduct political speech, or they risk losing their tax-exempt status.

    Even granting that the LDS church's activities related to Prop. 8 do not violate these tax rules, the question becomes: So what? All sides in this political debate have a right to freedom of speech. And ever since the Florida Court of Appeals ruled that Fox News can legally lie in news reports (see link below), all bets have been off. Whether or not you believe the positions the movie presents, if a news organization can legally lie in a news report, then there is certainly full protection for an advocacy movie.

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    I have to agree with Wispy, preaching to the choir. Ironically this type of hatred generally has an opposite effect, it tends to interest people rather than turn them away.

    It's like when a person is told that the LDS Church isn't a Christian organization, then they attend a local LDS Church, they see all the pictures of the Savior, they see them read from the New Testament, they listen to the prayers "In the name of Jesus Christ, amen", A person will begin to realize that they have been lied to about the non-Christian nature of the LDS Church. Generally when a person realizes they have been lied to then they investigate further, they learn the truth about the teachings and realize that all of the criticism’s against the Church are totally unfounded and based on bias.

    So don’t worry too much about it, the Lord is pretty smart, He has a way of turning the evil designs of men into productivity.

  • wiedyk
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    4 years ago

    nicely, i'm no longer Mormon, so i'm no longer able to declare. even nevertheless they could sense that it rather is having a foul effect on the country, and so it somewhat is considerable placed money into scuffling with it. i will play the two factors of the fence right here. at first, no longer legalizing gay marriage isn't the comparable as outlawing it. It in basic terms skill you at the instant are not calling it marriage. i think of that gays will flow on having the comparable rights in California. on the different hand, why make investments lots money on pushing proposition 8, while there are different concerns that are so considerable? Now this could be a reliable question. little ones are literally starving to dying ideal on our continent - between the main harsh deaths conceivable - and we are contributing to that for the duration of the process the abuse of the multinationals. If the money placed into battling gay marriage have been placed into getting politicians to tension international businesses to handle their workers fairly in different international locations previously being allowed to sell in ours - nicely, there could be an incredible distinction in many lives in Latin u.s. and someplace else on the instant. lots greater considerable than the question of whether gay marriage must be known or no longer, is the question of what are we doing relating to the actual desires in this international? Why do no longer we combat against the worst iniquities? (by the way, did you comprehend that the considerable clarification why God destroyed Sodom replaced into because of the fact of their scientific care of immigrants and of the susceptible?) So a lot of conservatives are training actual "Sodomy"!!!! and that they at the instant are not doing it anonymously in inexpensive motel rooms the two. they are doing it out on the open marketplace.

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  • Of course it will be allowed. I see that it has even been picked to show at the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah. Just like anything else, it will stand or fall on the merit of it's ideas. There will be those who dismiss what it says out of hand and those who accept what it says wholeheartedly because it supports their preconceived views. To those who are open minded and investigate the respective positions of the Mormon church and the lesbian gay community, it will become apparent where the hate is coming from. I suspect that most either don't or won't consider what the other side is saying, will just consider what those agree with them have to say.

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    I hope it does get released.

    Mormon members were asked to give time and money by LDs leadership.

    They were asked this in church services!

    The LDS member's money bought the lies and the hate to be able to pass Prop 8.

    We're talking 20 Million dollars, all to stop a loving marriage. What do they care?

    It is not their marriage and do you see groups TRYING to stop what the LDS church sees as loving as nice?

    Let's ban the strange temple ceremonies.

    Let's ban the baptizing the dead.

    Let's stops the rituals and the sealings that the LDS do for weddings.

    SOME find it offensive, so IT'S got to go...

    Would the LDS church like the government to STOP the practice of not ALLOWING NON LDS family members to a temple wedding??

    Thats pretty cold if you ask me. (been there done that!)

    Wake up and realize that the DOOR swings both ways....

    After all there are billion dollar malls to build! In the name of the Lord,

    Let's get busy!

    **Let the country expose ALL hate groups.

    Make the movie.

    Source(s): ex mormon for a few reasons.
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    I would like to attempt a non-biased response to this question. Sometimes that is challenging since I have noticed that if anything is perceived by mormons as against their position they immediately assume it is persecution but here goes.

    I had no issue with the mormon church so long as they were a church. A church has the right to create it's doctrine and dogma and the members of a church have the right to believe, practice, share and enjoy their dogma. this goes for any church - mormon, catholic, jehovah's witness etc. My concern is when a church attempts to enforce their dogma on those who choose not to be a member of their church. It is a fact that the mormon church spent nearly $180,000 on passage of prop 8. that is based on their own filings with the state of california (see attached link). furthermore, it is a fact that a letter from the highest level of church leadership, known as the first presidency, wrote a letter read from the pulpit encouraging members to support passage of prop 8 with their means and time - (see attached link from the LDS website). These are facts (unless the church is lying) and they represent a formalized effort of the church at attempting to force their dogma, morals and value system on non-members of their church. now i know the mormons reading this will now be in a huff saying that i am attacking their church. the reality is, in my opinion, that everyone was getting along fine until the mormon church spent $180,000 and read a letter from the pulpit encouraging political involvement. those two acts changed the playing field. they were direct attacks on the glbt community and therefore there should not be a surprise on the part of church members, when this attack is countered.

    now -for the question about the movie - why wouldn't it be allowed? many have stated already that our nation is one of guaranteed free speech. The film has not yet been released so how can the mormons on here be claiming what they are when they haven't seen it yet. You can't make the claims of persecution and false information until you actually see the movie. We know the facts are that the church clearly supported passage of prop 8. It will be interesting to see what other facts are shown in the film. The church exercised their right to support passage, both directly and indirectly, now it's time to learn more about what that support entailed.

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    Allowed!? Allowed by whom? The State of Utah? The LDS Church? Oh, wait, forgot those are one and the same...

    The Mormon church was "allowed" to run advertisements with lies and smears against our LGBT brothers and sisters to get Prop 8 passed (and sorry, your "church didn't have anything to do with it" is just so much BS!) And any time someone is spreading such lies and smears in order to create fear in the minds of some people in order to control the destiny of others, yeah, I call that freaking terrorism!

    This is the USA and this is all about free speech, buster.

    Go ahead, protest away. It will just make the movie that much more money!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Michael, the fact that you think that any film can be stopped shows why some people distrust the LDS. Censorship? In America? You advocate the Elders deciding on what films may be produced and shown? In my country? The one I served in the military?

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  • Bast
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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely it should be allowed. LDSinc was a major player in PropH8. They provided most of the financing, made a majority of the hateful anti-gay ads and had their church members act as foot soldiers going door-to-door telling people to vote away our rights and waving signs on the streets. It looks like you don't want the truth exposed. Sorry, the movie is coming out whether you like it or not.

  • IMO
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    Free speech in a public setting is constitutionally protected, however, it also needs to be responsible. Additionally, when making claims about a person or organization, there has to be truth in media. They can produce it, but the LDS church has every right to sue for libel and slander, since the clams that they make are both unsupported and outright lies. The producers are clearly biased and are unfortunately placing blame in the wrong places and in the wrong ways.

    Even more surprising than the film itself, is that people are dumb enough to believe it.

    Allowing free speech is one thing, and I would never take that away. I do think that this film is very untruthful and is seeking to spread hate and lies. It will still be allowed, but it is absolutely a work of fiction...not a documentary.

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