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Guys only answer. Girlfriend stuff.?

I've been dating this girl for about 6 months now and i hardly get time for myself. I love her and all but i still want my space too. she's practically living with me. Starting to drive me crazy a little bit. And the other night i wanted to kiss her and she kept asking me "what" when i went to kiss her. What?! as is what am i doing? That pissed me off alot. On the late drive home i wanted only to hold her hand and again .. "what" . The way she said it was like, "what do you want?" she's never done this before. She's always naturally held my hand and kissed me. It's like that song i think "You've lost that loving feelin'" by the righteous bros. Maybe all of this is due to the fact that she's stressing over finals and all i dont know but i feel extremely different. The last 2 nights have been rough for us. She got super pissed off at me just because i forgot to put one of her music cds back in its case and yelled at me for it, and then before that she called me selfish because i wanted her to take a break from her studying to give her a kiss to ease her stress. She once shared with me that her ex was a selfish person and didnt care about her. Im showing all of the care in the world i.e., help her with her hw, give her my time, give her rides home, etc. I was really hurt by what she said/did these past few nights. GUYS WHAT CAN I DO!? HELP ME GUYS.. ESPECIALLY THE GUYS WHO'VE BEEN IN RELATIONSHIPS FOR A LONG TIME.

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    I had an extremely clingy girlfriend. Always wanted to be together and stuff. Luckily for you, I'm further on in this relationship so I can give you advice. Basically I started ignoring her and treating her like ****. Don't do this. I did this for literally 3 or 4 months. She dumped me. And then after 2 weeks of getting my alone time, I missed her more than anything. She had been seeing another guy, but I vowed to treat her better. She still loved me and picked me over him. The next few months I became the super clingy one and suddenly she was getting sick of me. Finally I found some middle ground.

    Basically, first give her some time. Dont text/call unless she does first. Only hang out if she asks you, and maybe tell her your busy every now and then, but definitely not every time she asks. When you do hang out the next few times, try not to kiss her or touch her too much. She'll eventually miss the old you and want you back. And if she doesn't, is she worth having around? I have a feeling it will work, and when it does, you can be the old you again, but always keep a little distance to keep her coming back, you know? Let her miss you.

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    First of all that what she is doing is not right. It seems like you care a lot about her, and simple things as a kiss or holding hands should not make her that mad. She should treat you with respect rather than take you for granted. You seem to offer her a lot of help and support. Ask yourself does she offer you the same? From what I read I don't think she does. Sit down and have a serious talk about what is going on, maybe she is dealing with something that is stressing her out or maybe she is just being a prick. If the discussion doesn't reveal any sort of problem of why she is acting this way maybe suggest to her that you two take a break. Good luck!


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    Well mate, I've been dating my girl for two years now and we are really in love and even planning to stay together forever despite the fact am 18 and her 16. For your 'problem' I will advice you to be careful and don't be too quick with her. Girls are fragile creatures and a mere action done hastily will bring doubts to their mind. So take your time, give her time, let her come to you by herself and never stop showering her with love and affection. God Luck!

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    just give a little space like when she callsor text dont answer for awhile and say sorry was doing something and reply like a few hours later see how that goes imo

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    Txting you all day after which getting annoyed once you dont txt back, they txt you asking what you're as much as for all time even nonetheless you're assembly up with them later, its so stressful. additionally waking you as much as early, ggrrrrrr! :)

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    Walk away for a while until she calms down.

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