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How long do you have to wear your retainer after you get your braces off?

ok so i got my braces off 4 years ago and have been wearing my retainer every night when i sleep like my ortho told me. he told me i have to wear them every night for the rest of my life or my teeth will go crooked again. is that true?

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    I have been told the same thing by my orthodontist and a friend of the family who is a dentist. I know someone who has a permanent retainer that rests inside her mouth....its been there for 7 years and she said it helps. She doesnt have a permenent one on the top and doesnt always wear that one and you can see a difference in her teeth.

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    Plan to wear your retainer full time for 6 months if you want very perfect teeth. If you need to take the retainer out if you are giving a presentation or talking a lot, that is fine, but you should ALWAYS wear it at night, especially for the first 6 months. After that, you should still wear it at night for many years. My sister has had her braces off for 4 years and her teeth still shift when she doesn't wear her retainer at night for a couple of days. The orthodontist will tell you to wear it full time for 6 months, except when you eat. Then after that they will check your progress and give you further direction; usually only to wear it at night. Good luck and don't get discouraged if you have trouble talking! If you stick with it for the first 2 weeks, you'll be talking perfectly before you know it.

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    Yeaa same with me! U should continue wearing them, maybe u can take some breaks but its good to wear them as often as u can, oh and u have to get them tightened once in a while because they get loose and dont hold ur teeth well enough

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