Do you think she loves me loved me will love me ?

[3:20:22 AM] Sunita: sri im not going to lie to you, ill probably be introduced to some guys in msia and i might just agree to marry one of them

[3:23:21 AM] mishionimpossible: good for you suns..if that makes u happy

[3:23:28 AM] mishionimpossible: ur happy with it

[3:23:53 AM] mishionimpossible: if it was love will be for me

[3:23:55 AM] Sunita: no i wont be happy, but i guess it will have to come some time wont it?

[3:24:11 AM] mishionimpossible: if it wasnt then i know i was jus used for ur pleasure

[3:24:27 AM] Sunita: i dont wantto bet my whole life on you. i dont trust you.

[3:24:45 AM] Sunita: i rather be with some random whom i dont care about

[3:24:59 AM] Sunita: and whom i know is probably only marrying me coz im a doctor now

[3:25:01 AM] mishionimpossible: u will learn to care them

[3:25:04 AM] mishionimpossible: in time

[3:25:21 AM] Sunita: i guess

[3:26:45 AM] Sunita: no i did sri. i love you crazy. i wouldnt be here right now if i didnt. i bear your stuff for almost 8 years because i love you and i thoght one day you'll understand that i have feelings and that what you're doing is not right

[3:26:55 AM] Sunita: but you never learnt it. i

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    'Sunita' clearly says that she loves you, but you have done something wrong, I'm guessing she still has feelings for you, but you have to correct your mistake, and come clean. When she said, She bared with your 'stuff' for almost eight years because i love you and thought one day you'll understand that I have feelings and that what your doing is wrong, she means that she DOES love you, shes loved you for almost eight years, but you have to find your mistake, and fix it.

    Hope that helped ! =) And I hope all goes well.

    Source(s): Real life experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    it sounds like a porno but in this case it may not be but she cares so hrt emotions are all that counts to u

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  • wth?

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