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Career Choices (extreme changes which are all awesome!)?

Hi all,

I stand at a fork in the road, more like a bloody delta (style of river) fork...

I've been a paramedic till BEE (black employment equity) hit south africa and whites were fired

I'm a qualified Martial arts teacher/fighter in Ninjutsu and Pankration

I'm a qualified IT consultant

I'm a "qualified" magician (worked in a hotel and needed to learn something to break ice)

so I stand at this point:

I left my job as an IT consultant because it's mundane and boring and I have a passion for fighting/teaching martial arts but there's no money in it really! So I thought, well why not enter a military organization to use what I've learned about knife fighting and gun retention/control etc with martial arts too, but I have an awesome lady here in Cape Town and if I joined a military it would be the French Foreign Legion which has a 5 year contract so my relationship would die.

I've choreographed the fight scenes for a movie called The Lost Boys: The Thirst (think it's b-grade but it's something) and taught about 12 students when my school was in it's first 3 months, but needing money for rent/bills, I was forced to close and get a real job.

I earn big cash off magic (like 3 times what I make in 8 hours in IT, I make in 2 hours in magic) doing shows at hotels, restaurant/upper class bars/cocktail lounges but I don't know if it's my passion.

What should I do, for god sake? This is getting to the point where I'm looking mentally unstable based on my career decisions!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would create a new kind of magic show combining the essence of magic and martial arts. You could command large premiums and go on world tours.

    Alternative to that the only person that can answer the question is you. Lock yourself in a room with a piece of paper, think about what you are good at and what your love doing. The answer should come to you.

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    5 years ago

    This relatively is not the first-class position to return for solutions on what you will have to be in existence. Don't ever permit any one let you know what or who you will have to be. The simplest factor humans right here can do is advocate or supply recommendation. You are nonetheless for your teenagers and time will inform. Things and humans difference and pursuits expand into different pursuits. Models have it difficult, my sister did this. She had it good too, the ultimate weight with out diets or different nonsense. She did it for approximately 3 years earlier than going to artwork college. But, that was once her. You will have to ask your self what you like to do so much. Don't do whatever on the grounds that you feel it's going to draw awareness to you or on the grounds that of the money. Doing what you like in existence will have to on no account be approximately the money, the fame, or the popularity, it will have to be on the grounds that you adore it and on the grounds that it was once what you have been placed right here in this earth to do for the advantage of others. I will let you know, units, relying on what sort you're. There are hand units, facial units, leg and toes units, complete-frame units or even various face units for lips, nostril, eyes, even hair. In any case, you have to seem your first-class every now and then, deal with your frame with probably the most correct and pricey care to be had. Not that you just can not do that, however, it will possibly truthfully be bodily and psychologically traumatic. Committing to artwork will also be traumatic too, however, there also are such a lot of branches to artwork, (making a song, dancing, culinary arts, composing, writing, steel and picket crafts, drawing, portray, scuplting, and many others. and many others.). Art is going very deep, like a timber roots into the tough earth. Art will also be tricky to be trained, however a blessed task for all people who find themselves in tuned with it. Whatever it's you wish, then, opt for it. And sure, you are going to generally difference your brain, however do not permit it occur on the grounds that an individual else is doing it for you. Change your brain on the grounds that you wish to. You have got to ask your self what you're relatively well at, what you excel in probably the most and good. Take this, research it, study it, train in it, predominant your center, soul and brain into it. It can be difficult, however, finally, you are going to achieve the various advantages that you just to begin with set out for. Arts take a life-time to be trained and a committed character to grasp. Best good fortune with anything it's making a decision and search to your soul's wish. Happy Holidays! J.F.

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