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R&P: Can you pick one song for each decade that sums up the mood and feelings of the decade?

Explain how the song is relevent to the decade, how it influenced the decade and if it sounds like it could not have come from any other era.


Props to anyone who attempts this question :)

Update 2:


Great answer, I appreciate you taking time to go to the effort of giving examples and explanations about the artist and song.

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    I'll give it a shot, but I've only really been conscious of the feeling/mood of the 2000s. So I'm basically guessing here. Don't blame me if it's incredibly off. xD.

    Starting with the..20s?


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    .St. Louis Blues-Marion Harris.

    It's..rather melancholy, yes? And as the '20s was a pretty depressing time (war, great depression, etc.), it fits the mood. Plus..the voice and music are basically what come to mind when I think of music from this time..


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    .Beyond the Blue Horizon-George Olsen.

    Kinda dancing music? And all the movies that came out in the '30s, or a lot of them, at least, were musicals..and all the '30s movies I've seen had similar music to this. Plus it's slightly cheerier than the '20s music was.


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    . I've Got the World on a String-Frank Sinatra. It's Sinatra, man. I mean, he's the first person I think of when '40s music is mentioned. It's much more upbeat, and the horns! Though, I heard all this..cheerful music was just in response to finally getting the hell out of the war/depression, and not knowing what to do, except try to have a good time.

    1950s: It was hard to choose, but..

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    . Twenty Flight Rock-Eddie Cochran. The sound of the guitar, his voice..seems tied to the identity of the 50s. Hmm. I really could've gone with something by BB King or Chuck Berry, but I think Cochran was more directly influential to later bands..I think.

    1960s: okay, I could've gone with lots of artists (Beatles, Hendrix, Kinks, etc..) but..

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    .White Room-Cream. It's got a rock sound, but also a kind of experimental beginning..And Cream, I think..influenced a lot of 60s musicians. Although others influenced more, so..

    Still, there were a lot of different things going on musically each decade from the 60s and on, so it's kinda hard to choose just one. [hah. this is a crap explanation, sorry. I'm trying to figure out what my spanish homework means, so..I'm kinda drifting off.]

    1970s: another hard decade to choose for. T.T.

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    .London Calling-The Clash. I'm going with the punk movement mostly because there was discontent in places over Vietnam, poverty, etc.., and all this stuff was written in protest. Mind you, I don't think this qualifies for being solely a 70s sound..The Clash are a timeless band, IMO. But I'm too lazy to choose something else.

    1980s: ..let's go for

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    .Radio Gaga-Queen. It's got the 80s synth, the beat, and it's about how MTV was basically taking over radio. Kinda talking about how in the 80s, things were changing, I guess.


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    .Check My Brain-Alice In Chains. Hell, it's the first song that came to mind. erm, kind of a slightly grungy sound, I suppose. Which was definitive of 90s music. Because everyone wanted to get away from the excess of the 80s?

    2000s: ..I'll get back to this one. I finally know what I'm supposed to do for my spanish homework, so..T.T.

    edit* Mannn, this was harder than I thought it would be.

    and I think I only went into such great detail to avoid homework. It worked. :).

    Source(s): ah, I really should start my spanish stuff now. Or burn it. Or copy/ paste this answer and turn that in..
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  • ohhh crud this will be hard but I 'll give it a try

    1920's: anything that has to do with the Charleston just because it went soooo well with Slapstick Films such as Chaplin, Marx Bros, WC Fields.

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    1930's: Robert Johnson, this man was simply an icon of delta blues back then, his fame went bigger after sealing a deal with an unknown man according to many the Devil, need more explanation? Thought so

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    1940's: Bob Crosby's Jazzcats- Jazz me Blues

    Jazz back then was pioneer of night music, if you have seen movies from this time you'll realize that Jazz was the real Deal, with stars such as Louis Armstrong, Charlie Bird Parker

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    1950's: let's put some latin flavor shall we? Cuba has many good things: great education, great rum (to others not me), food, medicine but above all Music. You are not a real latino unless you have heard some cuban music (Thanks dad for letting me hear to your music collection)

    Though the band is recent this is a cover back from the 50's original song

    Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club

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    1960: hmmm from here on everyone knows who defined what so I'll just leave it like that

    Great question Michael

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  • 1 decade ago

    No details really just defining songs of that time

    60's Born To Be Wild

    70's Stairway To Heaven

    80's Billie Jean

    90's Smells Like Teen Spirit

    00's Yeah

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