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which is more comfortable bike light bike or heavy weight bike ?

i am little confused today i went to honda showroom he tell me advantage of heavy bike but i know being sales man that was his duty any body can tell me diff between light bike and heavy bike

this question is only for automobile engineer

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    A light bike is nicer at lower speeds. Around town, going to school or light shopping, a 125 is all you need. A big bike seems ponderous and wallowy and you are always fighting it, because it's not really made for low speeds.

    A big, heavy bike is nicer on a long trip at high speed. It's more stable, it handles shifting winds better, and it's just purring along at high speed, not beating its little heart out. Plus a bigger bike has a bigger seat, a more relaxed seating position, because it's physically bigger so the relationship between the seat, footpegs, and handlebars is more spread out.

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    ABILITY..of the rider is the only difference between riding a heavy bike & a light one.. practice on the light one... if you get that right the step to the heavy one only needs a few minor changes.. a bike regardless of its weight balances on the wheels.. & when stopped or traveling slowly the weight of the big bike is an issue because you have to physically hold the weight every time the bike is slightly off balance.. once your moving at more than 10 MPH there is no difference to the amount of input to steer the bike so they become the same... although braking distances on a heavy bike can be further so you need to make some small allowances.

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    I have owed a couple bikes, one was about 420 lbs, the other was over 650 lbs. both over 1000cc.

    I will tell you the heavier one with a good wind shield buffed the Freeway winds much better.

    Both were well balanced at a stop. However, they were different styles. the cafe' style while lighter is actually easier to control than a cruiser. Simply due to the design. I prefer the heavy cruiser, because thats just me.

    Source(s): 20+ years of riding
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  • 1 decade ago

    That really depends on what you want to do with it.

    Roll hundreds of miles down the highway - heavy.

    Fight city traffic or flick a few curves - light to medium.

    Rural back roads (including dirt) - light.

    Source(s): Comfort is a matter of personal opinion. Always was, always will be. "this question is only for automobile engineer" Why? They don't design motorcycles.
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    Just try taking a test ride and feel how the bike fits to how you ride. I have seen 5 foot 5 women on Road Kings, it's just what ever suits you.

    Source(s): Own an HD Sportster 1200-C, ride religiously.
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