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Could someone help me find a classified for akc alaskan malamutes for sale in Utah? Thanks.?

I really can't find any classifieds for alaskan malamutes that are purebred. I did ksl.com, and it doesn't have any "purebred" litters for sale. I don't want any mix with a wolf. Thanks.

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    Classified ads are not used by reputable breeders.

    You can find reputable Malamute breeders here (there are 3 in Utah):


    Or you can start looking through the shelters and rescues (yes some of the dogs are indeed purebred with papers and all, I helped adopt out a German Shepherd Dog from my local shelter with AKC papers even):



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    Respectable breeders don't need to advertise in the classifieds; they had paid reservations for all their puppies before they were born.

    Go here, look for breeders you like, and contact them diretly about acquiring a puppy.


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    why not put a ad in your local paper for a puppy...i find all my purebreds from reputable breeders in mine...i prefer the reputable breeders that don't breed by kennel club breed standards...so no inbreeding linebreeding and selective breeding in my pups...

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    you may have to get it shipped from somewhere other than utah.

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