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why do plants need animals and vice versa?

we need to do a project in science about plants and its really boring so we need a few points on it thanks :)

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    Plants need the carbon dioxide from the animals, and the animals need the oxygen from the plants (photosynthesis).

    Animals need plants for food, and the plants need the animal excrement to both spread seeds and to fertilize the soil.

    If you get more detailed than those two rather broad generalizations, some animal/plant relationships are even more detailed, such as bees feeding on nectar (their food), and the plants using the bees for reproduction (delivering material from plant to plant).

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    plants need animals for food and animals need plants for the C02 they breath out which they convert into glucose (food)

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    plants really don't need animals that much unless you include bees and other pollinators we need plants for food and medicine and to feed our food.

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    plants that need insects to pollinate sure do. and animals can't live in the food chain without plants.

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    If plants didn't get eaten by animals their seeds might not spread as effectively (berries).

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