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Favorite Songs by The Scorpions?

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    Great band...and one of my favorite albums is their 1st titled 'Lonesome Crow', which featured a 16 year old Michael Schenker on lead guitar. The album was released back in 1972, and was considered a part of the early 70's German "Krautrock" movement.

    The original German pressing on the Brain/Metronome label (Brain 1001) is worth a fortune to many collectors if you happen to ever find one at 'Amoeba'.

    Also look for the Canadian pressing on 'Bomb Records' (Bomb 101), also released in 1972. It's very rare, and was pressed on red vinyl. It also has amazing sound quality considering the coloured vinyl.

    Michael's playing was great on that album, and it really had a cool heavy sound almost reminiscent of early Black Sabbath at times.

    Here's a vintage Scorpions video with Michael Schenker back in 1972. Check out Klaus Meine's cave man beard!


    Youtube thumbnail


    'Lonesome Crow' was the only Scorpions album to ever feature Michael Schenker, though he did make a guest appearance on their 1979 album titled 'Lovedrive'. Michael played on three songs off that album; Another Piece of Meat, Coast to Coast, and the title track. I really enjoyed that album. The original cover art work for 'Lovedrive' with the woman's elastic breast was banned in the USA for many years during the 70's and 80's. In it's place was a lame picture of a black scorpion!

    Here's the original cover: http://images.coveralia.com/audio/s/Scorpions-Love...

    Michael was a fantastic guitarist...sadly his time with 'The Scorpions' was very short lived. He was great in 'UFO' too!

    Though if I had to choose a favorite Scorpions guitarist, my preference would lay with Uli Roth, who in my opinion is a much more accomplished/diverse player. He provided the lead guitar work on several of my other favorite Scorpions albums:

    Fly to the Rainbow


    Taken by Force

    Virgin Killer

    Tokyo Tapes (Live)

    I found a few Uli Roth videos both with The Scorpions, and his post Scorpions band 'Electric Sun' on Youtube...

    Vintage 'Scorpions' with Uli...Speedy's Coming!


    Youtube thumbnail


    More vintage with Uli...This Is My Song:


    Youtube thumbnail


    He's A Woman She's A Man:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Electric Sun - Earthquake:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Electric Sun - Electric Sun:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Red House Blues:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Concerto D'Anranjuez:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Great jam from '82:


    Youtube thumbnail

    The Sails of Charon:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Sky Overture:


    Youtube thumbnail

    We'll Burn the Sky:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Fly to the Rainbow:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Uli was tearing up the fret boards long before many of the more recent 80's and 90's shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, etc. In fact Uli and his band 'Electric Sun' were one of Yngwie's biggest influences. In turn, Jimi Hendrix was Uli's biggest influence, which is very evident in his playing style.

    Uli is also an accomplished classical guitarist.

    Here's my favorite albums in order of preference. In brackets is the guitarist that appeared on each album :

    1) Lonesome Crow (Michael Schenker)

    2) Fly to the Rainbow (Uli Roth)

    3) Taken by Force (Uli Roth)

    4) Lovedrive (Matthias Jabs & Michael Schenker)

    5) Virgin Killer (Uli Roth)

    6) In Trance (Uli Roth)

    7) Tokyo Tapes (Uli Roth)

    8) Animal Magnetism (Matthias Jabs)

    9) Blackout (Matthias Jabs)

    10) Love at First Sting (Matthias Jabs)

    Here's some of my favorite songs in no particular order, in brackets is the guitarist that appeared on each song:

    I'm Goin' Mad (Michael)

    Dark Lady (Uli)

    Pictured Life (Uli)

    Inheritance (Michael)

    Make It Real (Matthias)

    No One Like You (Matthias)

    Robot Man (Uli)

    Crossfire (Mattias)

    Coast to Coast (Michael)

    Action (Michael)

    Can't Live Without You (Matthias)

    Sun in My Hand (Uli)

    Coming Home (Matthias)

    Twentieth Century Man (Mathias)

    Steamrock Fever (Uli)

    Catch Your Train (Uli)

    Arizona (Matthias)

    He's a Woman - She's a Man (Uli)

    Big City Nights (Matthias)

    Speedy's Coming (Uli)

    Holiday (Matthias)

    Blackout (Matthias)

    In Search of the Peace of Mind (Michael)

    Polar Nights (Uli)

    Don't Make No Promises Your Body Can't Keep (Matthias)

    China White (Matthias)

    The Sails of Charon (Uli)

    Lovedrive (Michael)

    The Zoo (Matthias)

    Bad Boys Running Wild (Matthias)

    Drifting Sun (Uli)

    In Trance (Uli)

    Another Piece of Meat (Michael)

    They Need a Million (Uli)

    We'll Burn the Sky (Uli)

    Bad Boys Running Wild (Matthias)

    Fly to the Rainbow (Uli)

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    Wind of Change

    Coming Home

    No One Like You

    Passion Rules the Game

    Walking on the Edge

    Send Me an Angel

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    I absolutely ❤ the Scorpions! Winds of Change is the first one on my list but followed by everything else they recorded.

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    both the album and the song

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  • 1 decade ago

    the zoo

    rock you like a hurricane

    still loving you

    wind of change

  • 1 decade ago


    Rhythm of love

  • 1 decade ago

    polar nights.

    catch your train.

    rock you like a hurricane.

    speedy coming.


    yellow raven.

    fly to the rainbow.

    he's a woman she's a man.

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    Smiley's got the best answer to this one.

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