How can we stop animal fur trading in China?

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I stumbled upon this, and it made me so sad and sick. I know one way to stop fur trading is to not buy fur products - but is there anything else we can do? I know we slaughter animals in the US for food - but what they do in China is cruel, inhumane, and for vanity only.

How can we help?


Vash, you're an idiot. In a perfect world I'd like to stop animal cruelty everywhere, but there are sick people in all parts of every country.

I was attempting to ask how we can help with animal cruelty, not telling everyone to go out and beat up Chinese people.

But since I'm such a racist, I'm just going to tell you to go eat some won-ton soup you Chink bast*ard.

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    Do you know that every year there are 200 million cocks(male chickens) thrown into grinder as soon as they were identified as males after they hatch? Just so they can save money for the egg industry. In the U.S. if you want to know the place of origin.

    It was in the Yahoo News.

    It is easy to call another race you discriminate against as "inhuman" under the cover of things such as "animal cruelty" isn't it?

    If you want to talk about more of the topics regarding to animal cruelty? Where did the North American buffalo go? Why Yellowstone wolves are imported Canadian wolves? Why Animal Police exist in the U.S.?

    This type of topics can't cover your true feelings underneath. That is - racism.

    You use double standards to look at the people who you look down upon.

    You know what I see as inhuman? Drop bombs on people.

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    4 years ago

    Punishing the harmless for the crimes of the accountable is on no account a smart selection. a greater constructive coverage is to no longer purchase any animal products that are produced for style. If one incredibly desires to decrease the suffering of animals you will desire to grow to be a vegan. An indiscriminate boycott on all chinese language products might recommend you're no longer helping chinese language businesses that are ethical, organic and organic, sustainable etc.

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