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my mom says my dad says?

my dad says my mom didn't want me,

my mom says my dad didn't want me?

i'm wondering to what purpose there is?

i'm not good at anything and even though i care for people even if i don' tknow them i feel they never care for me?

i'm 19 and i have no purpose.

i wonder why i was born?

my family raised me in Christian background but i wonder why there's war?

i wonder why there's hate?

i wonder why there's no visible purpose?

might i as well nnot be here?

mama papa doushite sekkusu shita no...........?

i feel like there's nothing here?>

even though i've found something do in life it doesn't help society as a whole?

what is the reason for here?

why if they only want to sway my opinion?

is there a greater purpose even if my life's work can't do anything to stop hatred?

i feel really alone, except for my song...they both say tehy love me, bot both try to say hate me?

my friend says i'm terrible, though i try to be as good as i can be to people?

i can't help but hink.

What if i was a boy?

it would be so much better right?

my dad watned an boy, but i am not?

how can i help everyone?

how can i help me?

is there no more people who want life in the world?

is there nobody who want me in the world?


i can't see therapist btw...it would ruin my standing with everyone...and then i would really have to go for good...

Update 2:

i want everybody to get along and love...i donm't want to be objective bbbut i want people to know? i want people to love each other?

why can't poepl undertand why?

why can't people understand theat we're all peopl and have our own thoughts?

i can't go to therapy btw again...i just want the world to be whole...and have a love for everyone......./

Update 3:

i don't know what to beilieb thoguh you guys... why do you care?

i expected to get zero answers or anwsers saying go die

Update 4:

do you understand?

do you understand why?

i know english isn't my first language but i wnoder why even though i'm born eher in this country?

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    Miracle Question: If you had a wish to make life perfect, how would it be?

    Now, what of those can you change and cannot change? Those you cannot change, you're going to have to learn to release because you shouldn't worry yourself over things you cannot change. It is what it is. Then those you can change, work towards!

    What is in your life that do you love? What do you like doing? Where would you love to be right now? Who and what do you cherish? I don't care that it is even a strawberry, figure out what IT is! Maybe you need to figure out who 'you' are to figure out 'your' purpose and values.

    Your friends think you are terrible... Well, honey, I think it's time for new friends! Don't change you for no one. It seems to me you already have talent with words. Who knows you could be a poet, english teacher, or a journalist. The opportunities are endless.

    Be glad that you are a female. You hold strength and qualities that no man could ever have. Believe me, I'm sure there is someone younger than you that looks up to you and there are plenty of men/transexuals/drag queens who want to be a woman and can't. There's a reason why they want to be us ;-) Think about that.

    At 19 everything is coming at you at once. You'll get past this. You're not always going to know how, but you will. You're an adult now and can control your own destiny. I'm sorry to say this, but screw your parents. If they cannot love the wonderful daughter that you are, then you need to let them be until they can do so! Talk to them, tell 'em how you feel! If they don't extend themselves to you then the ball is left in their court. You've done all you could can do. Change the things you can, release those you can't. Remember that.

    Source(s): I was 19 (and not that far from it) and had these same questions, lol! If you do want someone to talk to, just send a message to my email :-)
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    I don;t know why you think you can't see a therapist- it's no one's business but your own. No one else need know about it unless you share that info with them.

    You are 19 years old- you are not a child and you should take control of your life as much as you are able. If your parents are "toxic" and unloving- then stay away from them. Do what is best for you. Nineteen is kind of young to know what your "purpose" in life is. Honey I am 47 and there are plenty of days when I don't know why the hell I am here, but being an adult means sucking it up and marching on even when you aren't sure of yourself.

    Go to school.

    Take care of yourself- eat well, get plenty of sleep, interact with people who are kind and supportive.

    Read self-help books.

    Get into therapy- really, this is the single best thing (after staying away from your folks) that you can do for yourself.

    Your only job right now is to help yourself- your folks can take care of themselves.

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    the world is a cruel, cruel world

    Your parents hate you for no reason

    They dont care

    They degrade you

    They Humiliate you


    Because it makes them feel better.

    dont kill yourself over this

    Get the BEST grades in school

    And Go to the BEST college FAR FAR away

    And get the BEST job and get a TON of money

    Than 20 or so years later show up at their house

    With an aston martin and prada clothes

    Show them what ur made of

    than they Will be proud of you

    and you will be proud of your self (in a good way)

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    I dont know what drugs you are on, but everyone was born with no purpose and gained their own. 19 is no where near to late to do something. Maybe your parents didn't want you, but I doubt that will stop you from living. Sh*t, some parents HATE and want their kids to die.

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