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will i gain weight from today? please answer/ opinions..?

if i ate 500 calories more than my BMR ( how many calories my body burns a day) which is 1445, and didnt excersize, would i gain weight from that? i mean, i know a pound is 3500 calories but my body is different. im trying to lose weight so i eat about 300-400 calories less than BMR, but if i go over my body fluctuates so easily! even when i wasnt dieting. it can change like 2-3 pounds in one day and i see more fat in stomach area. why is this??

and its not from eating too little calories, sometimes i eat 1000 at the littlest and some people would say "thats half of what you need" but thats only if your BMR is 2000.

in case you wanna knowww...

breakfast: nothing (i forgot to grab it on my way out the door!)

which is probably why i got so hungry when i got home...

but a coffee with soy milk and pomegranate tea

lunch: ham sandwich on wheat bread, small can of mandarin oranges in syrup (but i didnt like drink the syrup) and baggie of baby carrots

snack: grapes

after school:

snack baggie of wheat thins

(not the smallest) bag of wasabi peas (probably deep fried :/)

like 2 handfuls of mixed nuts; almonds, cashews, walnuts, and other things that look like walnuts but darker and bigger, another kind too im sure

thennnnn like a fatty, almost all of an oatmeal raisin pecan cookie which is 310 cals a cookie!!

i added it up, a few times, because most of it was rounding. i would round up for some and down for some and each time i got something between 1,800 something cals and 2,000. (i looked at portion sizes of everything i ate and how much i had)

and i cant work out because, i cant explain but i basically cant leave my house tonight. what do i do??

PLEASE ANSWER anyone with anything im a little worried thanks!

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    First, do not eat less than your BMR or your body, that marvelous adaptable system, will think that you have no access to food and will adapt and lower you metabolism…so you’ll end up with a lower BMR and make fat reserves very easily, as soon as you start to eat normally…bummer.

    Second, start to eat healthier, which should involve learning about proper nutrition, healthy eating and cooking so you can get away from a can of this and a bag of that.

    What are you doing, on a diet, in the vicinity of a 310 calories cookie? Use your mind power, it’s there, you just have to use it. Don’t look at cookies like they're cookies, look at them like they’re a certain amount of calorie intake that you would have to burn, one way or another.

    I would be like…yeah…right…310 calories is about 10 miles on my bike…32 calories per mile…do I want to have to bike for 45 minutes and eat that cookie? I can eat that cookie if I want…I’ll just have to spend 45 minutes huffing and puffing…my choice. Usually, I end up NOT eating the cookie, because I’m too lazy for this.

    You cannot work out because you cannot leave your house? Then vacuum it!!! You would burn 200 calories an hour vacuuming your house. Do the dishes (130 calories an hour). Clean the whole place. Maybe go outside and rake the leaves (220 calories an hour). Dance in your living room and have fun. Just live an active lifestyle.

    Once you eat healthy, as much (not less) than your BMR and that you exercise for an average of one hour a day, like 7 hours weekly average, with some rest days that are necessary and helpful, then you won’t have to worry so much about your calorie intake because your calorie expenditure will take care of everything.

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    It all looks OK on paper, but really you are looking at all this the wrong way. Eating little is not really the answer to dieting. With a well balanced diet you'd actually eat far more than what you are doing now, yet you'd lose weight, why you ask. It's all down to what you actually eat and the moderate exercise routines you choose will effectively lose you more pounds than you are now, here is a great article I found that may help you understand what I'm saying: and why not watch this simple to do at home workouts.. I do hope these help you, they really helped me and my lady friend, and we are in our late fifty's, but losing fat and feeling younger everyday.

    Do have a great day

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    500 extra over the course of one day? No. How old are you? If you're under about 25 then even double no.

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