is this a good note??????????

I am writing a note to my ex and it goes like this


I would still like to be friends with you. The truth is V'Elana that I miss you so much everyday I miss you. You have told me many of times to get over you. I have tried i have dated other girls it just doesnt feel the same. I miss your beautiful smile i miss talking to you. I miss how you looked at me and held that love in your eyes. I miss you telling me that you loved me. I miss it all. You got me feeling crazy, why cant we just start all over again, get it back to the way it was, if you give me a chance I will love you right. I love you V'Elana so much i didnt realize it before and i'm wishing you would come back like you did before. I cant go on not loving you. This hurts so bad. I remember the day that this happened to us the day that you told me you wanted to see new people. I'm hurt by this whole thing.I still love you V'Elana.

is that a good note or not? how do you think it will make her feel, i want her to miss me too you guys have any suggestions??????

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    1 decade ago
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    *face palm*

    Wow. OK dude, listen. Do NOT give your ex this note. Seriously. Stop right now. My ex acted this exact same way and you know what the result was? He annoyed me to no end. Every day I got angrier and angrier that he was NOT listening when I told him to move on and stop saying those things to me.

    Your ex is NOT going to miss you if you send her that note. What's going to happen is she's going to get very aggravated with you, and she will NOT want to be your friend knowing you have all these desperate feelings still inside you.

    She told you to MOVE ON. She does not want to be with you. She does not want to start all over again. She doesn't. And notes like this, annoy us girls who are trying to move on with our lives. Ex's that refuse to go away are like clinging barnacles.

    Really... Stop. The note sounds desperate, pathetic, annoying, it's got a whining begging feel to it... it's not cute.

    If you REALLY want her to miss you. Stop talking to her. Do not be her friend. Drop out of her life completely. Maybe by some miracle she will miss talking to you or something, or miss you in her life and she'll come around.

    But from personal experience on telling my EX to move on, when he sent me this stuff, it pushed me so far away.

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    that is very deep. but you got to be careful cause she will either cry or laugh... it, personally, makes me mad when girls laugh cause its a guy telling how his feelings feel and its bitches like that that hurt guys the most.

    i hope u get her. Good Luck=)

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