meeting his parents, I'm trailer trash, he's not?

He wants me to meet his family over Christmas Break, we are both college students, problem is I'm not sure how I should act around them. From what he has told me his family is VERY judgemental. I know that his family is very well off (their house is bigger than my dorm building, with a tennis court and everything). This honestly scares me a bit because I grew up in small crappy houses and trailers, so basiscally I am worried that they will think I am not good enough at all.

I love him with all my heart, I'm just not sure how I should be around his family. HELP please...

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    Only thing you need to change about yourself before you meet his parents is your attitude. Be proud that where you came from has made you who you are today.

    If they start asking obnoxious questions about your past, then simply steer the conversation back to the present. Tell them about what you're studying and what your passions are. It's up to you to show why you're a good match for their son. (They could be in-laws someday.)

    Don't let them judge you or make you feel bad about yourself because you're not rich. Tell them how you appreciate hard work and it's very rewarding when you get something you've worked hard for. Compliment whatever you see in the house, but don't make comments like "oh this house is much bigger than mine", which signals that you feel inadequate.

    All you can do is be you and pray that your BF will stand by you and help fend off his parents if they get to be too much.

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    Honey, do not let them scare you. You have been who you are all your life and you are not trailor trash. There is no such tre thing! We are people with lives, circumstances, experiences...they are no different.

    Society labeled everyone, but do not label yourself!! Just like kids in high school. The preps, the goths, the geeks/nerds...and what people think of all not necessary. They all cry sometimes, they're all happy for something, they all get upset.

    If his family thinks differently of you, then thier own child has surpassed their level. Being judgemental of other they should know is what causes problems.

    Be you and you alone. When they ask where you are from you can say with confidence "Yes, I am from a community that has helped me become who I am today." and smile.

    Source(s): A girl who's boy friend's family thinks differently of her because of skin colour.
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    The only thing that matters is that he loves you & wants to show you off to his family.

    If he didn't think you were worthwhile I would figure he'd be trying to hide (hell, even deny) your very existence.

    Just the same, its a hard road to travel. I dated a wonderful girl for a good 2 years. Her family was affluent, I wasn't. Eventually I think her folks sat her down & led her to make certain decisions that broke my heart. I'm not saying its what he'll do or what will happen with your relationship. Rather, love among the social classes can be hard.

    Source(s): The stone cold fist of experience to the gut
  • Don't be fake but don't be trailer trash. Buy a new outfit for the occasion. Get your hair done. Polish your nails. And be sure to speak proper English. They will disapprove of him dating you if you talk like you don't have an education.

    Also, don't show a lot of cleavage or they'll think you're a whore.

    Source(s): I came from that "proper" family and ended up leaving them all
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    Do not.. whatever you do, do not act like someone you are not.

    That is the WORST thing you could possibly do.

    Just be yourself, be respectful, and nice, and smile..

    Don't be "all over" him or anything while you are there.. (ofcourse),

    but don't try to impress them by changing you.

    If you want, I suggust buying a cute new outfit, getting your hair done, etc. just to make you feel better about it. I'm sure everything will be fine! :)

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    first if you call yourself trailer trash then you are .. but if you call yourself a lady with class and doesn't need to compete monetarily then you'll ace the 'parent' thing. Money doesn't buy class! if they're still 'snobs' who live on the hill... then you/he will have to be prepared to face it and live your lives as the adults you are're with him not them. and if they cut him off because of you and that's an issue for him, then he's not worth it!

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    Hey sunshine, apparently he doesn't care about how you grew up or where you come from so don't stress about it that much. your doing something with your life, your in collage not many people get that chance. So don't worry and be happy that your with him!!!

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    Be yourself & respectful. Don't be so hard on yourself & don't put yourself down. If your both happy with each other then the rest shouldn't matter. Good luck

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    be your self tell ur partner your worried and if there is any advice he can give u so give the best impression to his family

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    dont put youself down we are all equal

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