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Household Income of Nepal?

What is the average household income of Nepal? Is there a large gap between social classes?

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    There is !

    There is indeed a large....., no!, a very very large gap between social classes in Nepal.

    Having said that it is very difficult to say what would be the arithmetic average income of Nepalis.

    There are people (and lot of them) who think they earn a lot if they earn Rs 70,000 (about $ 1000) a year (I am not making it up.. I heard an interview of a man who said his life has changed - for good -- after he started earning the mentioned amount per year from vegetable farming). You can imagine what would be the average income of that class.

    If you talk about class difference, there are various levels of classes here. To keep this answer short, while giving you an overview of the average incomes in Nepal, I will only discuss briefly discuss one more class here.

    This class feels, you can't make a living if you are earning less than Rs 30,000 (for a family) a month. People of this class can afford to spend about 200 - 300 Rs day per person as pocket money only. (while most of the Nepali families would save some amount after meeting all expenses of a 4-5 membered family from that amount).

    Most of these people have multiple sources of income with some residual income (like interest on deposits, house rent, remittance being sent by a family member or brokerage) and often leverage other people's labour (employ people).

    This is not the highest social class in Nepal. In fact, (don't be surprised), there is a huge huge gap between this class and the uppermost social class in Nepal.

    Hope I didn't confuse you too much.

    Well, while rambling, I haven't yet anwered your main question.

    Official statistics shows Nepal's per capita income was $ 1100 dollars in 2008. An average family has 4-5 persons usually with only one person earning.

    However, my opinion is the per capita thing has been inflated due to extremely high income of few people.

    So, I think, (this totally speculation - i have no evidence to justify it), the average income of Nepali Households of the majority (about 80 percent, I guess) is about Rs 4000 ($ 50) a month.

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