Good/Thoughtful Christmas Presents?

I got a job just in time for Christmas this year!! And so i decided that i would provide my family with our 1st Christmas since i was....6?

Anywho, i already have the xmas tree, songs, food, church service & friends/family gathering covered. I just dont know what to put under the tree. Here are the ages:



Best Guy Friend-18

Best Girl Friend- 18


Oh! and what exactly are you supposed to put in stockings? like what sort of small gifts?

Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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    Mom- massaging slippers, bath stuff, Yankee candle set, candle warmer, new pjs,a book, a dvd, a nice sweater, travel mug, perfume, gloves, purse, wallet, memory foam pillows Stocking: scratchoff lotto tickets, candies, puzzle book, book, Christmas cd, coffee mug, packets of flavored coffees or teas, makeups, car air fresheners,

    Sister- diary/journal, sparkly pens, makeup set, dvds, cds, leg warmers, scarf, wallet, tote bag, webkinz, posters, slippers, pjs,fragrance gift set Stocking: makeup, lip glosses, nail polishes, brush, hair accessories, cosmetic bag, cute socks, toothbrush, christmas cd, Christmas dvd, fleece blanket

    Best Girl Friend: Makeup box, perfume, trinket box, charm bracelet, friend throw blanket, shirt from her fav store, fav show on dvd, itunes gift card, Bath and body stuff Stocking: keychains with sayings on them, makeup, candy, brush/mirror set, cute socks, air freshener for car, lotto scratchoff tickets

    Best guy friend: Cologne, shirt, hat, dvds, game, stuff for his vehicle

    Boyfriend: favorite show on dvd, stuff for his vehicle, engraved watch, silver necklace, shirt from his favorite store, cologne, electric razor, remote control car

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    Something thoughtful and meaningful would be something that is homemade. Make a cute picture frame and put a pic of you and him in it. Make some homemade cookies and put it in a nice bowl with cellophane wrap and bow it. When it is homemade, it means you took the time and effort to make it. ur family will appreciate it.

    Please go to the site and spend some time on it. There are pesonanlized gift items that are really wow for example persoanalized cookie jars etc

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    it sluggish! set up an afternoon mutually for paying for, going to a action picture, or in basic terms in maximum circumstances, extraordinary out! you ought to place stuff to circulate alongside with the day out in a severe high quality colourful basket and make that the considerate present :)

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    Mexican jumping beans are great stocking stuffers. People of all ages love them....they are hilarious!

    Yes they do exist... is a supplier of real jumping beans. They send jumping beans in hinged plastic boxes and include a game sheet and educational information about Mexican jumping beans. also offers free shipping!

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    Gloves, socks, scarves. Soft warm things, don't you know. Cashmere is best.

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