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Tell me, spiritually... how does one truly and fully interact with others in an accepting manner?

"Within centuries that you view to be past, you expressed to yourselves, "Life was simpler. Man's consciousness was not as intellectual. He was not as intelligent. He had not as much information available to him." Incorrect! All information was always available! However, belief systems were held tightly to. There was much less of an allowance of questioning. The accepted mode was of religious belief systems, which set forth "rules". Within these rules, you were accepting, and willingly "closed off" your options; therefore allowing for a simpler existence within this expression.

As you widen your consciousness, you are widening belief systems. You are not accepting of these rules any longer. Therefore, you also open your options and your choices. You are not always quite sure how to be implementing these choices. Also, you allow for more of the objective personality to be known, and to be interacted with. You place less restrictions upon your outward expression, therefore creating more difficulty within acceptance of these expressions.

Previously, you have been told, "You will think this. You will act this way. You will not express this." Presently, expressions are acceptable. If you are expressing emotionally, this is acceptable. If you are expressing intellectually, this is acceptable. If you are expressing within idiocy, this is acceptable! You have eliminated many of your rules in widening your consciousness. You are not, however, fully accustomed to interacting with each other in an accepting manner; this being the issues that you presently engage to be moving through." ~Elias


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    "You are not, however, fully accustomed to interacting with each other in an accepting manner; this being the issues that you presently engage to be moving through." ~Elias"

    I feel this is the understatement of the year, LOL! Or he is being tactful!

    We don't truly interact or communicate because most are not very accepting or tolerant, even many who claim to be free thinkers or enlightened!

    The basic problem is we really don't interact with each other, our programs, perceptions, & self righteousness attempt to interact with each other. As long as we sleep there can be no true interaction or communication!

    I say this but you hear that. My thinking I am right attacks your belief your way is right. Then the war begins!

    Tolerance is a tool that is needed until awakening occurs. We need tolerance because the majority of us still think the problem is everyone else! We think we will "enlighten" the lowly misguided masses by attack!

    Until we can get out of "me" long enough to see "us", until we can stop getting hung up on the words & hear what the other can not put into words, until we can Be the change we want to see in the world, & until we can see our Self in everyone no matter where they stand we will continue to misunderstand, be intolerant, & not have eyes to see or ears to hear the lessons our brothers & Sisters have to offer us.

    May we all come to Remembrance of our ultimate Unity!

    May I always see my purity within my Brother!

    You always ask the most amazing questions!

    Many Blessings!

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    Spiritually, interaction which honors the other person and respects their beliefs, ideals, and opinions, especially when differing from our own is an accepting manner. With the new found freedom of expression we often miss the point at which our freedom becomes another person's bondage, when our expression is offensive or disrespectful. There is much wisdom in learning to be a great listener. Those who are truly wise are often those who have no need to enlighten others with their vast knowledge.


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    "Things were so much simpler back then". And there is NO reason for them to be any more complex now. WE define our worlds and WE make it as complex as we feel is necessary. Multiple cars, multiple homes, multiple jobs, and joining every club and group that exists, just to show that you are one of the "group" ... NONE of this is necessary. The word is SIMPLIFY.

    I have a TV antenna and no longer need 300 channels brought to me by cable. The 7 channels I get for FREE are more than enough and cover ALL the major broadcasters.

    Religion was much too complex and fraught with errors. Love your neighbor as yourself, UNLESS they are gay, or of a different race, or are not Catholics. It just sounded like a double standard to me and the moment I gave up religion and turned to the Creator directly it was as if a HUGE weight was removed from my shoulders.

    I have found that the only way for me to interact with others is to find people of "like thoughts" since my beliefs are not "mainstream" and are often difficult for others to assimilate. Even when I merely ask people to check out a FEW of my beliefs I get answers like "I'm afraid that it will impair my religious beliefs", or "that website sounds demonic".

    It's amazing how much of a culture shift exists between the 20 somethings and the 50 somethings. I like this one website called but some of my friends are afraid to go to it because of the word "Dragon" and how they associate that with Revelations in the Bible. Most of those people are "old". The younger people identify with good luck, healing, and happiness when they think of Dragons. So ... is it possible for two people to have wildly divergent beliefs about the same topic? MOST definitely! But when I sit down and explain that the dragon on is NOT demonic and in fact encourages allegiance to the one true Creator AND living love amongst ourselves, AND suggests that we live by ONE LAW ... Harm Ye No One; people are less reluctant to visit the site and once there they are amazed with all of the great stuff that resides in that website.

    Knowledge seems to be the way right now and preparing for change as we prepare to enter the New Age ... The Age of Aquarius, where there will no longer exist the concept of linear time.

    The great thing about the next 3 years is that we will all ascend to 5th dimensionality by becoming more compassionate and more loving and our minds will open to all the possibilities that exist and our consciousness will become so much more acute. Empathy will rule and understanding will be our greatest asset. We will all know the truth about the Truth. Our minds and souls will be opened to the light and we will feast upon it. Once everyone is on the same page we will be prepared to enter the 1000 years of peace and live a life of bliss.

    IMHO of course. As we become more empathic there will be less crime since there will no longer be any secrets. We may even be able to leave our doors unlocked as we used to in the 1950's and 1960's.

    All we need to interact with others is a LOT of Love. Even when people are inconsiderate we can show them love and watch them change before us. Love conquers all, solves all problems, rights all wrongs, and bonds us all together. The opposite scatters everyone.

    I AM


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    "Speak softly, and carry a big stick."

    (a little lol for your awesome question!)

    This goes a little further in the Elias transcript that the first responder posted the paragraph from. It tells how to play the No Conflict game.

    "In this, each time you are engaging any action, any event, any encounter that is creating of any element of conflict within you ... which you hold the ability to identify immediately. You know within you in those moments when you are experiencing uncomfortableness, distress, confusion, anxiety, irritation. You always hold awareness of these responses within yourself, and each time you experience this type of effect within yourself, the exercise is to stop within that moment – allow yourself to be in the moment, in the now – identify what you are experiencing in confusion or conflict in any manner or any form, and express the question to yourself: What shall offer you in that moment no conflict?"

    "Now; the tricky area of this game is not to analyze the situation, but to merely offer yourself a clear and simple response of what offers you no conflict." - Elias

    My dear Chameleon, this reminds me of elements of the STEP parenting program. There is huge value finding a no-conflict resolution, and the I-message works well, not only in dealing with children, but with everyone. With life, in general.

    From the website:

    "STEP parents know the value of using I-messages in communicating with their children. The I-message focuses on the parent instead of the child. It doesn't label or blame. When you use an I-message, you are simply describing how you feel about a particular behavior or problem situation. Hearing respectful words not only encourages positive behavior, but also teaches the child a valuable lesson in relating to others... I-messages should be preceded by reflective listening. Combine both to create the 'two way street' of effective communication."

    There is so much more on the subject, and I hope people will investigate, if only to learn how to communicate with others in a more accepting manner.

    Personally, simply, out of love of peace, I offer you this in our interactions: Respect, consideration, active listening, kindness, an open mind, unconditional love. As a child, I witnessed such conflict, between family members, almost every day of my life; so much so that I had to escape. Finding a way to avoid conflict and resolve problem situations has opened up a whole new world for me, so to speak. I wish...

    Well, if wishes were spaceships, we all have a Millenium Falcon.

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    Right now. I am truly happy for many reasons. My happiness does not depend on circumstances. Jesus makes all the difference. The whole world could be falling down around my ears, and I still have the joy of the Lord because I know what the end result is, victory. John 15:11 "These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and your joy might be full."

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    To do justice to the quote with an open mind, we have to look at what kind of mind had said this quote. Whether this person "Elias" was aware of 'other' means of communication that existed in the so called 'past' ? Whether this person has experienced for oneself, the depth of "trust" to the extent that existed in the 'past'? Whether the present day mass is capable at all to 'visualise' the 'average' level of perception of the people of the past?

    Those who had decided to spend their entire life, and resources to quench their thirst for spiritual quest have almost unanimously agreed that India is the destination for highest level of spiritual quest. What ever they have published as their findings, continue to baffle the modern western scientific minds.

    The 'rules' of any society (at any point of time) are indicative of the level of social awareness of that society. Lesser rigidities in rules simply means greater mutual trust. Milder punishments means higher levels of sense of 'social responsibilities'. Primitive people (if they are really primitive), and also in a free state, would not(if we look at it logically), voluntarily submit themselves to 'meek' adherence of 'stupid' rules, in a free state, that is when they are not 'slaves', unless there is a tremendous trust. And such kind of trust cannot come without a strong support of perceptional experience. If the perception is purely experiential, and if the experience is again beyond sensory levels of perception, then, how are we, the modern minds, to accurately 'judge' the competence, of those ancients, when we ourselves have become so deeply got ourselves rooted into sensory levels of perception, and that too with inseparable deep dependence on materialistic gadgets (however technologically advanced, these gadgets may be!). It is the exceedingly sophisticated and complex gadgets that baffles and 'blinds' the modern mind, into a sort of disillusionment that we have reached the peak! There is no way to 'convince' the present day logical mind, except by humbly offering to take a risk to try at deepening the perceptions beyond sensory levels. That is what "spirituality" is all about. And then, 'spiritually', the interaction would become so complete that there would yet another crowd to question 'blindly' about the seemingly 'blind' adherance to each others 'rules'!

    Very good question. This answer is likely to come no where near any kind of appeal to logic. But, the very effort and the chance to answer seems to be adequate reward in itself! There could be a few unseen eyes, hovering over these answers with a deep sense of satisfaction!


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    "Truly" Only when one has truly accepted themselves. One can't do that unless they know thyself. One comes to know thyself by paying attention to their thoughts and actions, eliminating poor ones and seeking the truth.

    Here this Elias is trying to tell us

    "You are not, however, fully accustomed to interacting with each other in an accepting manner"

    That is a lie, I have and do interact in an accepting manner so his words are not for me, do they effect you? Can you see how negative this approach is? We get better at accepting each other all the time if we chose to be focused on loving wisdom.

    I have doubts about these "conversations" I can see some logic but they always seem to waft, sometimes negatively around the truth.

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    ELIAS: “Now; the most easily accessed method, so to speak, or exercise in addressing to conflict is to be allowing yourself to play the no-conflict game. This is an exercise that I have offered previously which offers you the ability to be accepting of self, to be not judgmental of other individuals or situations or circumstances, but also offering yourself a manner in which you may view conflicts and confusions and eliminate them. You are not eliminating the belief systems that influence these conflicts, but you ARE eliminating the conflict itself."

    address the thought and not the thinker is what i believe he is saying here.

    the whole conversation is here if you wanna read it and its cool cause i know a lot of us feel like we are going crazy sometimes and Elias addressing this feeling right off the bat

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    Hi there Chameleon!

    how does one truly and fully interact with others in an accepting manner?.....Bodacious Humility!

    By making the other person know that they come first before yourself is acceptance. You have created an axiom on which one can see the actual real truth.

    Which actually "is" truly and fully self-evident.

    Because you have a free will to use judgment as you see can actually use humility to see the truth of another's actions and /or words. And then decide for yourself what is unacceptable or acceptable.

    After that........... an accepting manner could take on a host of different implications.

    Great Question! Thanks for asking!

    Peace and Prosperity to you!

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    See, I'm pretty ignorant about stuff with the word 'spiritually' in it.

    I know a bit about the body and about its emotions and blockages and that kind of thing.

    From my perspective, what usually stops free communication is an energetic block, often the result of some unprocessed emotional glitch - undigested life experience if you like. These blocks are close-coupled links of the energetic and the simply physical.

    So, let's say that some time in the past I was insulted by someone in Hari Krishna robes. It really upset me and even now I still seethe with resentment at it. Now a gentle soul begins speaking to me of Buddhism. What should be a nice, smooth flow hits the block left by the earlier insult and elicits the whole resentment reaction. Communication has foundered.

    So we need to process all our 'stuff', all our undigested life experiences. We need to clear our mental and emotional pathways to be able to receive incoming data.

    This in itself may help to lift us above the Authoritarian level of consciousness still displayed by so many and from which, again, true communication is virtually impossible.

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