Tokio Hotel Family: I won't be nline for some time so...?

Oh this sucks :[

My grades are horrible! and today my dad went to my school :( I think that he won't buy Humanoid for me if I don't change...

I have to study a more,and I think that internet is holding me back -too much. and I guess since today is the last day in Y!A for this week ,so I'm gonna have a lil more fun... I will miss THF :[

hanging around and not answering those cool Qs you guys post is da*n tough!

*wipes off tears*

any interesting news,vids,interviews or pics anyone wanna show me?

POLL: Arthur und die minimoys 1 or 2?



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    AWWW ia m sorry about that jerk face!

    ok so i know we have not gotten to know each other but i will still miss you

    i HAVE got to stay away from the computer too it is holding back lots of stuff.

    well i will miss you being on so much.

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  • Darron
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    1. Who Is You Favorite Tokio Hotel Member? Bill 2. Who Would You Rather Make Out With Georg Or Gustav? Georg would prob b bettr @ makin out. Gustav would prob get a little nervous 3. Who Would You Rather Date Tom Or Gustav? Tom for excitement. Gustav 4 peaceful dates 4. Who Would You Rather Sleep With Tom Or Bill? Bill 5. Whats Your Favorite Tokio Hotel Song? Monsoon 6. Who Is Your Favorite Member Of The Tokio Hotel Family? You!

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  • 1 decade ago

    We will miss you my friend :)

    Im failing 3 classes and also am grounded,i have no phone or can't use the internet

    as much as before (only 30 minutes a day) =/

    Poll: I haven't seen the 2nd one so I guess 1st

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  • Hey, fellow TH fan! Nice to meet you, I'm Cadence.

    I assure you, you will be missed! Anyway, I hope your grades improve!

    That's some stuff you need to vote on.

    Bye, goodluck!

    Source(s): Cadence Decadence Cataclysmic.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh, goodness.. stupid b'itchy haters. >:l

    Of course we care & we know who you are!! :D

    Ok ; well i hope that you can get your grades up so you can get back on here some more.(:

    Poll -;- i've never seen either one of them.. )': i don't have the time to watch them on YouTube during the school year, but i'm going to try this summer.(:


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    alright that's good to know even though most of the people that answer this aren't even going to notice who you are or that you're gone.

    tip: world does not revolve around you.

    edit: nah, I just don't have a love for people ;)

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