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Is it bad to always wear socks?

I pretty much always have socks on. In the winter I wear two pairs of socks and sleep with one pair on. Is there anything bad that can happen to my feet from it? Like circulation problems or something?

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    i'd wear bed socks in bed they are slightly looser around the ankle to stop circulatory problems as the heat in bed at night and lack of movement will cause things like feet, hands to swell up

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    Yeah..your skin need to breathe freely. So avoid using socks all the time atleast...

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    Me too,but one for the day and after bathing a new pair.

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    As long as people don't get too close to your feet. Just remember that your feet need to "breathe" at times.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, nothing bad can come from wearing socks continuously.

    Next retard, please.

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