what's the difference between airplane and helicopter vfr maps?

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    A VFR Chart is a VFR Chart, there are no differences between airplane and helicopter charts over large areas. There are some high activity charts specifically for Helicopters that show preferred routing in those areas.

    From the NACO Site

    "Helicopter Route Charts are four-color charts that depict current aeronautical information useful to helicopter pilots navigating in areas with high concentrations of helicopter activity. Information depicted includes helicopter routes, four classes of heliports with associated frequency and lighting capabilities, NAVAIDS, and obstructions. In addition, pictorial symbols, roads, and easily-identified geographical features are portrayed. Since helicopter charts have a longer life span than other FAA products, all new editions of these charts will be printed on synthetic paper. These charts are updated as requested."


    Those charts cover 9 metropolitan cities. The rest of the VFR charts for the US are the same.

    Source(s): NACO - TL
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    They are all the same.. There are 3 types of VFR charts. Sectionals, WACs (World Area Charts) and VFR terminal charts.

    Both fixed wing and rotocraft use the same charts.

    Source(s): Flight Instructor
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    Both fixed wing and rotary wing pilots use the same charts for VFR and IFR flight.

    Source(s): old pilot
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    VFR is VFR. There is no difference.

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