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Wireless lan question...?

Can the owner of the wireless lan see all the people that are connected to it? and if they can what do they see as like the name of what is connected (i'm using an iTouch, if that helps). Also, if i log on while they are gone, and get back off before they are back will they see that someone got on... or only if im on while they are looking??

Thanks in advanced for the help :)

Sorry if my questions are silly or not technically correct, i dont know much about this topic...


Neo- (or anyone else) does that mean they will be able to tell if they see i have downloaded apps onto my iTouch?

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    Hello, I will try and answer this in English and just put the techno stuff in brackets!

    Owners of the Wireless LAN (or anybody with the admin user and password) can login and see exactly which machines, including computers, mobile phones and other devices, are logged into their system.

    Computers and other devices able to connect to the wireless have a unique number, like a serial code, which will show up in addition to the Device Name (eg. The Computer Name usually given when setting up Windows / Network for the first time) and could be logged - so the administrator of the wireless does not need to be connected at a specific time he/she could log in later and see who logged in that day or even last week!

    However 99.9% of people with a wireless network would not know how to login to their Wireless administration system, and even if they did they probably would not know where to look to see who is logged in and probably would not log the accesses! Also to muddy the waters even more, the Unique Number will be something like 00-12-0F-32-E4-20 which doesn't mean much to anybody.

    The other bit of info that would be logged, the Device Name or Computer Name (a little like your bluetooth name on mobile phones), can be changed to something anonymous.

    So I would say, unless the network you are connecting to belongs to a Computer Enthusiast, you are relatively safe and that if you are able to connect to an open network chances are (95%) you will go unnoticed.

    Hope this helps and if you need any clarification let me know..

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    It depends on the type of router in use.

    If the owner has a packet sniffing program running, they could read all of the non-encrypted information and probably figure out who was on their network by reading enough of the information that goes by. They wouldn't need to be home for the packet sniffing program to be running. They could just leave it running all the time and have the information saved to disk for inspection later.

    Most routers will keep a list of all DHCP leases currently in effect. If the lease time is set to be weeks or longer, then there is a list of all MAC addresses currently with a lease. Some routers even can associate the host name of the MAC address and keep that in the list. So, in the case of your ipod touch, if you named it "Bubba's iTouch", then that name will be in the list. If your name is Bubba, then it would be super easy for your neighbor to figure out that 'hey, bubba from next door has been using our wifi'

    The reality of the situation is that most likely since your neighbor is so lazy that they did not read the directions that came with the router to set up security that they are totally clueless. So clueless that they will probably never realize that someone else is on their network as long as the people using it don't hog the connection or do anything illegal.

    If someone were to start downloading torrents over their connection, the owner would quickly realize that something was going on since their download speeds would be horribly slow. Also, if the police show up on their doorstep and haul the owner away for committing an online crime that they didn't commit, they might soon realize that someone else was using their wireless network.

    So, my guess is that as long as you don't abuse the connection, the chances of getting caught are pretty small.

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    If your router is set to give out IP addresses automatically to its users (as opposed to setting them manually) then you router should keep a litst of "current DHCP" users along with their given IP addresses and the MAC addresses of the users and sometimes the name of the PC.

    To view this, search the procedure for your router model. (Usually this involves type with either admin, admin as user name and password respectively, or just admin as password leaving user name blank)

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    I don't think they can see who's loggin on to their network, bu thtey can check the files being downloaded using the router.

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    Jack is quiet right.To cut a long story short i use this rule.......if the are not smart enough to secure the network....they are not smart enough to know who is leaching off it

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    i think they can only see the web sites you are connected to

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    My name is Ian

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    Please follow Jack Robinson's advise :)


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