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physics problems

1. an explosion breaks an object into two piece, one of which has 1.5 times the mass of the other. if 7500J were released in the xplosion, how much Kinetic Energy did each piece acquire?

Please explain in details!!! thank you

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    Suppose that the masses of the pieces are 2m and 3m, then:

    Velocity of 2m piece = 3v and velocity of 3m piece = 2v by conservation of linear momentum.


    (1/2)[2m(3v)2 + 3m(2v)2] = 7500

    15mv2 = 7500

    mv2 = 500

    So K.E. of 2m piece = 9mv2 = 4500 J

    K.E. of 3m piece = 6mv2 = 3000 J

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