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    演唱 Penelope Jones (feat. Mya)

    歌名 No Matter What They Say

    專輯 No Matter What They Say (2006單曲)



    No matter what they say

    I am here to stay

    I'ma ride to die forever baby

    They could say i'm a fool

    A fool for lovin' ya

    And i know, that cha made mistakes

    Know you caught a case

    But we gon' make it through togetha baby

    Maybe i am a fool

    A fool in love wid you

    Yo, yo i remember when back

    When we first met in the aspen

    Back when i first saw you just passin

    Pants saggin' widcha, so handsome

    Couldn't fad em'

    One minute with so much passion

    And uh, remember that time right on the ocean

    You said you'd be hur

    Just don't be scurred to come closer

    Coast to coast n' bodies movin' in motion

    Give you one dose of this potion

    You be floatin

    Now focus

    I wonder why sometimes you would go

    That mile just to make me smile

    And uh, look right into my eyes

    Then you turn right around and gon' make me cry

    But uh


    Yo, do you remember april the 30th on the friday (friday)

    Crusin around, doin' it our way

    Headin' outta town just flippin wa-way

    And plus in the trunk, some 45 hey

    Now wait

    I should've told him

    His partners wasn't soulja's

    But the love was getting strong

    So instead i jus shrugged my shoulda's

    Like, couple months i be ridin' in that rover

    But we was doin' good til them

    Popo's pulled us over


    You held me down with your time

    I'ma stand by your side

    While you fight your case baby

    Just me and you, i'm still your boo

    Can't nobody take your place and uh


    Now once again is on, now you home

    The behavior, you're gone

    Guess yo case kinda short

    Let's be thankful for god

    To have patience so small

    Used to wait, it was hard

    It was breakin' ma heart

    Let's erase, let's move on


    Ain' no worry, gettin' aggy wid ma tempah

    Let's tell the world how

    We gettin' married in decemeber

    And, and they can't call us, i'm broke

    Just sign the deal na, makin' more figures

    I'm locked in, before i was beginnin' to stray

    I was boxed in, but now i jus be spendin' away

    I don't pretend to just play

    Cause at the end of the day

    2009-12-01 20:23:08 補充:

    A house, a couple a cars, plus a kid on the way

    But sometimes i wonder why

    Time be goin' by, and i be steady cuffin'

    On ma lalala

    They could say i'm a fool

    But it's cool, if it's chu

    That's ma boo oo woahoh

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