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English Project, Mythology allusions.?

I have to do an english project on mythology. I have to come up with 5 allusions related to mythology, or example: an ad on repair is called Atlas Company because in mythology Atlas carried the world on his shoulders. (so to help out...) it has to be somthing real, a real ad or even a product for example : Venus razors. Venus? because she waa the goddess of Beauty. I have to find 5 more like that so if you can please help out that would be great, thanks.

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    Found these, hope some are useful :)


    Aegis - Zeus and Athena's protective shield; modern group of insurance companies (The Aegis Group).

    Ajax - Greek warrior in the Trojan War, who "cleaned up" in battle; popular household cleanser.

    Apollo - God of music; Apollo Theater is a famous music hall in New York city.

    Argus - Giant watchman with a hundred eyes; Argus Security is a modern security company, specializing in commercial business protection.

    Atlas - Was doomed to support the heavens on his shoulders; a modern moving company (Atlas Van Lines); also, Atlas Travel is a popular name for travel agencies all over the globe.

    Charon - Boatman who ferries the souls of the dead to the Underworld;, a company "offering solutions for a connected world."

    Medusa - Terrible monster whose glance would petrify you, killed by the hero Perseus; Medusa Cement Company sells cement products worldwide.

    Minerva - Roman name for Athena, who gifted the olive tree to humans; Minerva Oil Company is an international exporter of fine food products.

    Nike - Winged goddess of Victory, who can run and fly at great speeds; a famous company that sells...well...if you haven't heard of the company Nike, welcome to our planet...:)

    Pandora - The first woman in Greek mythology, whose name means "all-gifted"; Pandora's Gift Boutique sells quality gift merchandise.

    Poseidon - God of the Sea and brother of Zeus; Poseidon Travel is a common travel agency name; Poseidon Seafood is a national brand of seafood products. Neptune, the Roman version, is often also used by companies, as in Neptune Fresh Lobster Co.

    Vulcan - Roman name for Hephaestus, god of the smiths and the forge; Vulcan Industries is an international manufacturer of steel products.

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