Man i'm really screwed.

Okay me and my best girl friend(friends) we dated a lil bit ago and i still lover her and she told me she is over me but i dont think so and i dont want to annoy her because i moved and came back and i was a jerk to everyone and didnt notice till a month later she rejected me and told me why.I really love this girland want her back so much now i dont even feel like she is my friend anymore i love her alot and will do wat ever it takes to get the good feeling i had about her..... and wat sucks isim only 13.... and we dated once or twice and she said she loved me and stuff but i moved and came back and now its like she doesnt like me so can anyone give me advice?


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    First of all, this isn't the end of the world. It sucks that you (maybe) lost a friend, but on the bright side, as a hormonal barely-teenager, you've only been experiencing passion, not love, and the feeling of being lost and rejected will go away on its own soon. As far as losing a friend goes, leave her alone for a couple weeks. I mean don't approach her in ANY way (no calls, e-mails, texts, instant messages, notes, waving, sitting next to her, nothing). Only respond if she approaches you, and then only try to be her friend. If she doesn't make an effort to contact you after two weeks and you still want to try to save your friendship, tell her that you realize you were a jerk and you miss her friendship and you'd like to try to smooth things over and still be buddies. If she accepts your apology, great. If not, then she's not worth the effort, and forget about her. Oh and one more piece of advice, this post should go under relationship help. Post things where they're supposed to go.

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    Hehe im 13 too xD lol tell her u reallly screwed up and ur so srry and blah blah blah BEGG!!! xD believe me i know if u beg she will feel bad and want to take you back! If you really think shes the one then show herrr!!! Seriously my friends bf wont even ******* hug her....its LAME!! xD kiss her hug her flirt with her tease her!!! xD Hope it works it should cuz it worked on me ^_~

    Source(s): M3!! xD (worked very well on me)
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