Is the American dream easy to achieve?

Is the American dream easy to achieve?

What happens to people who don't?

Are they American like the rest of us?

Chaff to be brushed aside?


I'm hearing a lot of "a person's American dream means having a dream that is not connected to any other American's American dream"

That interests me a lot.

One word that clearly doesn't describe the American dream is-



Thanx for the answers.

Update 2:

Taxi driver with 4 kids? hmm.

It's life liberty and the pursuit of happiness though, not life liberty an the pursuit of being a responsible person.

Isn't a taxi driver with 4 reckless roaming kids

the one living the more "American" dream?

I like the answer. I can picture it clearly.

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    American dream as in a house, a family, a car, a stable job?

    Not easy to achieved at all especially for the poor.

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    I have obtained close to what I'd consider the American dream. I spent money and time in school and training to get where I am. I'm not rich but I am comfortable. On the other hand, next door to me there is a family of 4. The father drives a cab part-time and buys cigarettes and a six pack of beer every single day while shut off notices pile up on their door handle. The mother stays home and does nothing. The teen aged daughter rarely goes to school and the three year old can barely speak a word yet. My garbage was gone through the other day and a bunch of broken toys were removed only to be left strewn about MY back yard by the kids when they were playing in my yard. My daughter's bike and wagon went missing twice this summer. I found them in the bushes a couple blocks away. I found dirty footprints all over my carpet one day when I forgot to lock my door. Their dog $hits all over near my back door even after repeated pleas with them to keep in the totally fenced in yard they have. So, should I feel sorry for them? Maybe the misguided kids who don't have a chance, but the parents? Hell no. They're Americans all right but being able to call yourself one should come with some sort of responsibility clause.

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    America is the best country in the world to come closest to achieving whatever you want to takes thought, hard work, and creativity.

    Saw a story on Fox about an immigrant from Uganda who is now living his American dream- he was a refugee from violence who came to the US which accepted him. He saw a need and has filled it and is a very happy American. Guess he didn't listen to Jesse Jackson and the Dem Party, therefore he doesn't see himself as a victim!

    Or those who are lazy or really need help can still live better than the richest in many countries.

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    The American Dream is based on the notion that success is rewarded based on individual merit; that an individual who works hard can accomplish anything. People who work harder, are smarter etc will naturally do better and deserve that status. thats why they say that anyone can become President.

    Its not always the case tho, many people face barriers such as growing up in poverty that make it more difficult to get an education that could take them places. Some people are born at a disadvantage due to socio-economic status, or sometimes even race (racism is prevelant in the country and limits opportunities).

    It doesn't make you unAmerican ... its important to realize that not everyone has the same oppotunities to reach the American Dream.

    The American Dream can also be understood as having the perfect job, family etc.

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    The American dream is different for everyone because it is the pursuit of our own happiness...nothing in this life worth doing or standing up for is easy. But people who don't try get what they deserve and settle for. Good luck to you. Whatever your dream is, you live in the best country to make it come true.

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    No, It is not easy to achieve. There is an old saying "The most easiest thing to be is lazy", and to achieve in America you NEED to put in a lot of time and effort. Those who don't build on a good foundation will find it all gets swept away when rough time show themselves. Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

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    harder. you will unlike my answer. everywhere the government and third occasion payers get entangled, expenses bypass up many cases extra advantageous than in different aspects. coaching.wellbeing care. actual sources. And all made conceivable by the Federal Reserve. I observed a tag line on somebody's remark on the instant: "The Federal Reserve - Stealing the yankee Dream considering that 1913."

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    not when the left put road blocks in the way, ridiculous taxes, fines and fees, affirmative action and other racist laws all punish anyone who has the tenacity to build a company and create jobs and wealth

    the idea is simple, work hard, pay your bills, plan ahead but liberals, well mostly liberals hate doing these things and think that everyone else should do it for them and then hand it to them so they can play video games and complain about made up scenarios

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    I used to think so, but ask the one out of 2 children on food stamps in our country.

    If you are born in an elite family, the American Dream is always within reach

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    1 decade ago

    No it's not easy to achieve, takes alot of hard work and taking no hand outs from the government.

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