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double wall bmx rims ?

im looking at a bike and it has alloy double wall rims is alloy good i thought alloy was another name for aluminum ? what are the different types of metals do most bmx bikes have on their rims alloy, chromoly ,aluminum,steel? which is better

also i am looking at some double wall rims and there are alienation and odysee and stuff but theres a nice pair of wienman rims that fit my budget and they are all double wall rims and they are all made out of alloy so my question is if these three different brand name rims are all double wall and made from alloy arent they all the same like strenght wise and lightness wise ? what makes one brand better then the other ?

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    Alloy is just a way to say they added stuff to the metal to make it different. Aluminum is the best material for a rim because it is light and stiff when built correctly. And if you are looking for a new set of Wheels (hubs spokes and rims) then you should be looking on Danscomp first. Go for something sealed and double wall. Demolition, G-sport, Odyssey, and Fly are all companies I would buy from. I try to stay away from Alienation. Also, if you can get it, the Alex Triple and Quadruple wall rims are some of the best rims available. But then you'd need to get hubs to lace and find someone to lace them.

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    The Weinmann rims are very strong and should last. Joytech are from the far east, but are not bad quality. Make sure they are built well as this is very important.

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