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Is it safe to wear expired contacts?

I know that's a pretty "duh" question, but I'm desperate and I can't afford new ones. I haven't worn my contacts in a long time and I would like to wear them for my dance show. They're almost a year expired. I know if someone tried wearing expired contacts or if there's a professional out there. Thank you.

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    No. You should throw your contact lenses out after expiration. After expiration days the lenses are more prone to dirt and bacteria. You can get conjunctivitis, this is more expensive to treat that to buy a new one.

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    It's unsafe to wear expired contact lenses because this harms your eyes in some ways: infection, dehydration, blindness, and other eye problems. Those problems are associated with wearing expired contact lenses.

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    no longer extremely. be certain to throw away mushy touch lenses whilst they expire. mushy touch lenses are scientific instruments that must be sterilized and packaged in sealed boxes in the previous being bought to the attention medical doctors and clientele. considering that they touch the attention, they have the aptitude to harm the attention in the event that they're contaminated. only like packaged meals show an expiration date, so do packaged scientific instruments, as a customer protection degree.

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