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how do i clean my white keds?

i <3 white shoes. this is my 3rd pair :) but i always have the same problem with washing them. i had my white canvas keds for about a month now and they just started to get a little dirty and brown and so i took a toothbrush and some warm water and scrubbed them (almost clean) but that really didnt work cause they still were a little dirty and turned yellow!! ewwie but i wore them again today and some idiot thought it would be funny today in art class to step in blue pastel and then step on my shoe just to make me angry. any ideas how to get it out and to get the dirt out a better way?

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    put them in the washer with some bleach!

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    Okay being canvas i don't think the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser will work(but it does work wonders on other white shoes. lol) I would suggest something like the Tide-to-go Pen. They work well. I use them on my husbands hats all the time. He's a mechanic and his hands are so filthy all the time and then he touches his hats.. with a white bill. That always annoys me and my little cousin so we just take the Tide pens to it and looks good as new. Sometimes multiple ones are need though. You would also need to wait a bit for it to dry.. but i think it'll be worth it. =)

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    Try white-out! Works like a charm! Also try a Mr. Clean magic eraser contraption!

  • 4 years ago

    Mr clean magic eraser.

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    haha i thought it said KIDS.

    try some white toothpaste, for whitening teeth.

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