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Enjoi Teenish Abec 7 Bearings are they good?

Deciding if to order them or not.

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    yeh abec 7's are good but the guys i know all get bone reds.. and if you got the money get bone swiss'...

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    Enjoi Bearings

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    Enjoi bearings are sold in sets of eight, you need one set to create a complete.Bearings are critical to mount your wheels to the axle. We suggest keeping your bearings in good condition and clean to always have a smooth, fast ride. Bearings are sold in sets of 8, you need 2 bearings to mount each wheel to the axle (4 wheels x 2 bearings per wheel=8 bearings). Industry standard size is 608 with an 8 mm bore, a 22 mm outer diameter and a width of 7mm. ABEC is one way to rate bearings, also known as "precision bearings". They are rated on a scale of 1 to 9, the higher numbers indicate a higher manufacturing standard of precision. t

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    if you want good bearings get bones swiss, but the only downfall is that they are pricey.

    A cheaper good bearing is Spitfire classics and they are only like 15 bucks. They last too so thats what i ride

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