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Do you think parents should be able to force their minor daughter to go onto birth control?

I saw a question earlier about teenage sex and my mind started wandering (it does that a lot).

You hear about parents having their teen daughters come to them to take them to the doctor to get on birth control and some do it so their daughter doesn't get pregnant. Then you have parents who won't do it because they don't want to condone minors having sex. But what if a parent wanted their daughter on birth control just in case they had sex?

On one hand, we for the most part allow girls control over their bodies. It's not like we put teenage girls in jail for having sex, and if they get pregnant, they can decide if they're going to have an abortion, put the baby up for adoption, or keep the baby. Granted, they may have to go to a judge for permission for the first if their parents say "no," or go to another state, but they have choices. If the parents don't want another baby in the house they just can't refuse to support their minor daughters anymore, right?

I personally wouldn't force my daughter onto birth control, but I could see the argument for a parent to want their daughter on Implanon or the shot. But I sure as heck wouldn't have wanted forced onto birth control. Minors can even get hormonal birth control without parental permission.

Opinions? Insights? Rants?


Ok, so I guess the UK has already proposed this?


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    Personally I'm in favor of Hobo Joe's answer, but since you ask.......

    My opinion is that if the parents are still financially responsible for this minor and that minor decides they are adult enough to have sex, then the parents most definitely have that right.

    If they will end up paying for medical bills if she ends up pregnant and paying for the new baby, then the parents have that right to demand that. That is my honest opinion.

    And yes parents have refused to support their minor daughters because they end up pregnant. I've seen it happen and it's heart breaking.

    I'd never want my daughter on birth control "just in case" she decides to have sex. In my opinion putting them on birth control just in case invites them to have sex.

    I'd rather teach them about the risks of sex and make sure they understand that birth control does not take away all the risks of pregnancy. I want my kids to understand STDs can still happen, heart break is most likely to happen and that abstinence is the way to avoid all of that.

    They will also understand that while they live under my roof they will not have sex. It's a matter of respect for my rules for my home.


    On the financial end of it, teenagers are still required to attend school. Therefore they are not able to hold down the type of full time job that is required to support themselves and a baby without parental or government help.

    Furthermore, the parents are still responsible for their minor daughter. Financially as well. They WILL get stuck paying part of that medical bill and paying for part of that baby's expenses. I can see a perfectly good argument in demanding a minor to be on birth control if they are hell bent on having sex.

    It is also my opinion minors do not have the same rights as an adult woman. You gain many rights when you become a legal adult in the eyes of the law.

    Source(s): Good question though. Thanks for giving me the chance to voice my thoughts on the matter :)
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    no in order to get the shot u have to have a pap and a parent can not force a child into thta and if they scared them into doing it they are wrong. if the child told the doc that they did not want it done then the doc can't do it. children are not property. Birth control is not for everyone. when i was on teh shot it made me bleed for 6 months straight and have horrible pains. if a girl does not want a pap or to be on birth control i don't think anyone has the right to force anyone. that's like forcing somone to be sterile for a while. Imagine if you were 14 years old and your parents "forced" you into getting a papsmear and having some doctor stick a speculum in you, how violating is that? ps bc is not for everyone and can be dangerous. if a young teenager is still going through puberty why would u mess with that???? educate ur child instead

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    Assuming that the parents have done everything they can to teach their daughter right from wrong, and they are still catching her acting recklessly, then yes. Children are the parents legal responsibility until they are adults; and that includes ALL aspects of health care.

    Statistically, it is the daughter's parents or society who end up paying for their daughter's pregnancy and the majority of the cost of a baby. The decision to have sex comes with some responsibility, and if the teen is not taking that responsibility and they are still a minor, then it should be up to the parents. Avoiding the responsibility of having her put on birth control will only lead to the parents ultimately having even more responsibility ( a pregnant child, medical costs, childcare costs, helping to raise another child, etc.).

  • Elana
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    Actually, I think the question is far more complicated then even this.

    Why is a teenager's sexual health private while virtually no other aspect of his or her life is?

    I know why, but the answer is not good: The medical community has stated (with quite a bit of proof) that teenagers will not confide in their doctors if their doctors will just convey the the information to parents. To provide the best care, Americans (or at least their lawmakers) have decided that that small portion of a teenager's life is private.

    I don't have an answer, but I do list it along a long list of other child/adult related inconsistencies. Why can 18 year olds vote but not drink? Why is an 18 year old having sex with a 16 year old illegal, but a 20 year old having sex with a 17 year old not? And therefore, why is it legal for a 17 year old to have sex with an adult, but not vote?

    There are a ton of inconstancies around the fuzzy line of becoming an adult. The law just isn't equipped to handle fuzzy lines.

    I would point out, however, that the financial argument of liability does not extend well. If we could limit people's reproductive rights on the basis of probably taking on liability, then there is a very strong argument that the state (i.e. government) should have the right to "license" your right to reproduce.

    Why? Consider all of the people out there who will become a financial burden to the state if they reproduce?

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    Birth control should never be forced on a girl. It can have really serious side effects, especially if you don't get the right kind. It can do just as much damage as help in some cases.

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    Quoate From Poohsmom:

    you know if your 15 yr old daughter gets pregnant by her 15 or 16 year old b/f, you will be the one raising the child. the father sure won't be able to pay child support

    Totaly WRONG you cant judge all teen fathers by the few that dont... For example i had my first child at 16, and my partner was 15 from the moment we fount out she was pregnant i worked to support her, i think its wrong how people are sooo fast to judge teen parents... I hate the fact that teen fathers get slagged off soooo much when they are teenage fathers out there that do care for the children and do their best for them, No one mentions the people that are mid 20's early 30's who dont work, who live on benifits, i know quite alot of teen parents that actuly do a better job than most 25+ year olds. Age is only a number, but yet soo many are too quick to judge on that alone

    I think its down to the Girl if she chooses to use the pill, no one should be forced to use it, yeh maybe advised on what contraceptive to use but never forced as that only pushs them to go against it.

    Sorry for the rant i had to get that out as its unfair that all teen fathers are put with the label "they just disapear and never support the mother or child" some maybe do, not all.

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    i think it's a great idea. most teens are not going to tell their parents they are having sex and let's face it, most teens are going to do it eventually. as a parent, you know if your 15 yr old daughter gets pregnant by her 15 or 16 year old b/f, you will be the one raising the child. the father sure won't be able to pay child support and where is a 15 yr old girl going to get a job that will afford her the money to raise a child. raising a child when you're in your late 40's or 50's is much much harder than raising one when you're in your 20's. if it lets the parents sleep at night, then i'm all for it unless you can figure out a way to force them not to have sex. a parent can lie to themselves all they want to about what their kids are doing and convince themselves that their kids would never do that. but i promise you, as soon as you say my child would never...... that's exactly what your child is leading the pack in doing.

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    It would be a violation of a teenage girl's rights to force her to go on birth control. It would be contradictory to the message that we give our daughters to respect their own bodies and not give anyone else power over them. Then there are the potential side effects and health risks. A better approach is to empower young women and girls to make their own informed choices by helping them build their self-esteem and discouraging them from getting into serious relationships too early.

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    I would say yes, but really what's the point? If she doesn't want to take the pill and you can't be there to watch her/force her to take it every day, how do you know she's doing it?

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    Sorry, I'm with Hobo Joe

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