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What is your favorite Coldplay song?

I like Yellow followed closely by Fix You.

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    Speed of sound. Clocks would've been my favourite had there been a bit more of chris in it

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    I have a few ><

    - Clocks

    - Postcards From Far Away

    - Speed of Sound

    - Rainy Day

    - Yellow

    - Scientist

    - Life In Technicolor

    - Amsterdam

    - Strawberry Swing

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    top 5

    1. Yellow

    2. The Scientist

    3. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

    4. Clocks

    5. Violet Hill

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    A Smile Upon Your Face


    Warning Sign

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    Clocks is not only my favorite song by Coldplay, but one of my favorite songs ever. It will always have a spot reserved for it on my Ipod. I also am fond of Strawberry Swing.

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    im not a big fan of coldplay but i like the scientists and yellow, yeah thats it.

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    Fix You because it is the song played when the Montreal Canandiens go on the ice...haha.

    My brother's band was the band that played at their graduation last year, so they got to pick the grad song. My brother picked that song for the sole reason it was the Habs song. No one knew it, but their grad song was dedicated to the Habs. lololol.

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    The Scientist.

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    Yellow and In My Place =)

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